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Member since: Sat Dec 18, 2004, 11:43 PM
Number of posts: 2,292

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Breast MRI today

My annual mammo revealed a whole slew of cysts that LOOK benign, so my doctor ordered this test. He promised to call me on Monday and let me know what we do next...most likely a biopsy to make sure of what's in there.
I already told him that if anything looks bad, I want to just go for the second mastectomy -- I dread the idea of going through all that cancer treatment again. My daughter's big Hawaii wedding is next year and I'd hate to be in chemo recovery for that.

Did you say maintenance?

I became motivated to work at weight loss for my daughter's wedding. It was supposed to be in Hawaii in June. I was already low-carbing, and I added in more intense exercise (that means upping the resistance on my recumbent bike). I've lost 13 pounds, which isn't bad for a 5'2" 70-year-old. Now I'm at a good weight for me and most of my pudgy belly is gone.

Well, daughter just told me the wedding might be postponed for a YEAR. I get it, in fact, I was never sure the timing was going to work, but this means I have to stay strong for a loooong time. The clothes I've already bought or made will have to fit me just right in a YEAR.

I'm finally symmetrical!

This past Friday I had one more breast surgery. One size larger implant, and now they match pretty well. there was also some fat grafting to fill in radiation-damaged areas. At last, I don't look weird (in clothes, that is...but the stitches will fade over time).

MI-5 a/k/a Spooks

This is one fast-moving and fun secret agent series! ( on BritBox)
It has about 10 seasons, each with ten episodes. Started in 2003, kind of right after 2001, so it has 'that' view of the world. and lots of terrific British actors who have gone on to bigger things.
If you're looking for something to take your mind off COVID and Trump for a while, this definitely works.

Yet another breast reconstruction procedure...sigh

This is the fourth. Lat flap, tissue expander, breast implant.
My implant, put in last December, was sitting too low. So my doctor reseated it and used a biological mesh to hold it in place. The area is still damaged from radiation and there is basically nothing to keep it in place. He also did some fat transfer (lipo from lower belly) to add a little bit of volume up high on both sides.
I'll be doing a stint as mother of the bride next year (in Hawaii if all goes well, pandemic-wise), and I really hope to be looking symmetical by then.
Just to rehash, I was treated for breast cancer in 2016, and I honestly did not expect things to take this long.
Now to get through the digestive issues from antibiotics and manage the discomfort without taking too much pain medication.
Angelina and Julia sure made it look easy!

Fox goes Socialist

My daughter works in the business section of Fox in Manhattan (yes, she's looking for a different job).
They are already working from home, but she just got notified that the amount normally deducted from paychecks for health insurance will be picked up by the employer for the next six months. Yes, FOX will be covering their full premiums.
Even they don't practice what they spew!

My mother passed, we think, from cancer.

A former long-time smoker, she was already in poor health when her lung cancer was diagnosed a few months ago. I never found out just what kind she had (I live 1,000 miles away), but immunotherapy was prescribed. She got one dose of Keytruda and went downhill so fast it was astounding.

My sister and brother were there to help almost full-time, and it was suggested to me to visit at the end of June. How I wish I had gone sooner! I got one smile and that was it. She was almost ready for hospice at that point and they kept her at home as long as they could. There came a day when it was time to let the pros take over, and she didn't last two days in the facility.

It was not pretty to see someone who was such a huge part of your life deteriorate as she did...but all I could see when I looked at her was my Mom still young and beautiful as she was when I was a kid.

I lucked out with" only" breast cancer...thus far.

I saw my oncologist today for my 6 month follow-up

And he told me not to come back for a year!
(and that my blood counts were perfect)

I'm between other ailments at the moment (most recent was pneumonia) and I'm finally going to get my boobie reconstruction scheduled. A little nervous, but I can't wait to get rid of the scar tissue in the area.

I have pneumonia

So PLEASE, if it's recommended to you, get the shot.
Took a while to get it diagnosed, but the meds are working fast, and I hope to be better soon. The fatigue is unreal, and the coughing rattles your whole body.
Still have cards and stuff to mail!

The City & The City

On Britbox. An amazing fantasy-police-procedural-noir, from the book by China Miéville. It's in four parts, one hour each. The story takes place in two cities that occupy the same space, and is really, really engrossing. We'll finish tonight - I can't even imagine what will happen!
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