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Maru Kitteh

Maru Kitteh's Journal
Maru Kitteh's Journal
August 12, 2016

My 15,000th (and one) post! I love you guys :-)

When this board was kind of a mess for a while, the HRC group helped me keep my sanity and my focus. The joy and camaraderie here has been sustaining and helped make DU a fun place to be. The best information about Hillary and her amazing journey was always found in here - and it still is!

I'm looking forward to our experiences going forward as we watch our amazing candidate continue through the general election and her inauguration as PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES.

So, shout out to you, HRC group! Y'all are the bees knees.


August 8, 2016

Brexit, Russia Today (RT) and Comrade Jill Stein, willing tool of a fascist autocrat.

Stein in Moscow
Jill Stein appeared to take immense enjoyment at engaging in her usual shtick of attacking our country and President Obama while she was in Moscow last winter, having a lovely dinner with Vladimir Putin and Trump's military advisor, Michael Flynn. Just look at that smile! She seems so pleased with herself. Very nice comrade!

Trump's guy Flynn is in the tux, seated to Putin's right. Stein is wearing a grey sweater.

Invited to speak by Putin's mouthpiece, RT or "Russia Today," Stein herself reports in a video she posted to YouTube that she used the opportunity to criticize US foreign policy and human rights. She apparently declined to bring up Putin and Russia's brutal record on human rights; killing journalists, poisoning dissenters, supporting chemical warfare, and the continued criminalization and state-sanctioned brutality and discrimination against the LGBT citizens of Russia and the Ukraine. Well done comrade!


Stein Campaign Ads
So much of what comrade Stein is up to these days points far away from any real concern for a progressive agenda, and more towards doing the bidding of Vladimir Putin and his fondest admirer, Donald Trump.

Stein's advertisements are concerned primarily with spreading lies and smears about our Democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton; the only person who can keep Trump out of the White House and our country moving forward on the path of progress. In Stein's ads, the Putin-loving Trump is dismissed quite briefly as kind of a goof who has said terrible things, while HRC is instead painted as the baby-killing harbinger of the end of all life on the planet.

An Open Secrets report dated July 21 states that Stein had a mere $235,000 cash on hand and owed herself $40,000. But lately she's been running a string of ads seen across the country on both CNN and MSNBC. Who is paying for those ads?

It seems only prudent to consider who the ads will benefit the most. Next year, one of two people will be sworn into office. Hillary Rodham Clinton or Putin-loving Donald Trump. Even comrade Stein isn't so stupid as to believe she will win the election. Stein's commercials are clearly designed to weaken HRC, and as such have but one electoral goal - the election of Donald Trump.

Putin, Brexit, and How RT hearts Stein
When Great Britain made the shocking decision to leave the EU, Stein proclaimed the bigotry-driven Brexit an awesome victory! before she scrubbed her praiseful words and said she was against it.

Hmmm, that's weird. Why was she so happy about the Brexit passing? A weakened EU is beneficial to Putin, and it seems his network, RT did all they could to encourage the "leave" vote, while Putin himself of course, feigned neutrality.
While it is true that Russian state officials have carefully avoided any public comment, there is a clear pattern of agitation for withdrawal from the EU on Russia’s state-owned, English-language news outlets Russia Today, a television network, and Sputnik, a news site.

Analysis of recent news stories shows a clear bias towards quoting anti-EU campaigners in articles that claim to show balance. One news story quotes extreme right-wing Polish politician Janusz Korwin-Mikke, who says Britain would be right to leave the EU. (He also offers his support for Trump because “Clinton is supported by the Jews.”)


Comrade Stein is a familiar and regular guest on Putin's RT, where she enjoys fawning coverage of her rants against Hillary Clinton and her endless criticisms of the United States. RT speaks of Stein and the Greens in glowing and hopeful tones, stating that they are headed for "an historic election," while running headlines about Hillary Clinton like "NY Primary fraud details revealed, Hillary’s Money laundering," "Hillary is used to beating, kicking and abusing her own husband" and "Trump outflanks Hillary after Republican convention."

RT even hosted the Green Party "Presidential debates." I apologize for having no quotes from those debates, but truthfully, I'd rather chew on glass than watch that drivel.

Jill and Putin, Sittin' in a Tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g!
Jill Stein repeatedly claims she is not beholden to corporate interests. It has become remarkably clear however, who exactly she does seem beholden to. Her cozy and close relationship to Putin (the ultimate 1%er) and RT, her reticence to level any serious criticisms of Donald Trump, and her vicious, seething attacks against Hillary show her for what she really is. Jill Stein is the willing tool of a fascist autocrat; working to elect Donald Trump. And thus, henceforth, she will always be to me, Comrade Stein.

August 3, 2016

AntiVAX panderista, QUACK, & all-around hateful asshole Jill Stein just had a commercial on CNN.

Open Secrets says that she had $235,000 cash on hand as of July 21. https://www.opensecrets.org/pres16/candidate.php?id=N00033776

What right-wing group is funneling money to the Green party now to get them ads on TV? Karl Rove and "American Crossroads" again?

Rove's habit of giving to anyone he thinks can weaken Hillary Clinton is well-documented (note, this is NOT about the primary which is WAY over - this is about ROVE working to weaken our nominee)

American Crossroads and Bernie Sanders helped Nevada caucus-goers see right through Hillary Clinton’s manufactured zeal on immigration reform after spewing virulent Trump-like rhetoric—and that one-two punch shaved Clinton’s 50-point lead a year ago to a slim, single digit win,” Steven Law, Crossroads CEO and president, said in a statement.

Crossroads is one of several groups that has released ads that have been aimed at branding Sanders as the only true progressive in the race—a strategy the Vermont senator’s campaign also embraces.

“If it helps push the needle so that she loses a state, and she comes out a weakened candidate, then fantastic,” said Ian Prior, communications director for Crossroads.



Stein and her band of puritopian jack-holes are not alone, and The Greens are NOT our allies.

August 3, 2016

Repub candidates have been pushed continually to the right; angrier, more extreme, more intolerant

Since the dawn of the century at least, Republican candidates have been pushed harder and harder by their electorate to embrace the angry and frightened (mostly male) white voter, with ever increasing displays of intolerance for the positions or plights of minorities, immigrants and women.

Accordingly and for obvious reason, their numbers among minorities and women have been falling like a stone. Who stays with the "binder full of women" party whose nominee this year says that women subject to workplace harassment should just get themselves a new career? Who stays to put up with a party that nominates a man found guilty twice of discriminating against black tenants and says that BLM protestors at his rallies should be "roughed up?" Who stays with the party who nominates a man who says that most people from Mexico are "rapists?"

I know we're not past this election cycle. Really I do - but I still have to ask; when Cheeto looses, who on Earth are these cretins going to nominate next? Will they have to just jump straight to David Duke in 2020? It's a scary thought.

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