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Maru Kitteh

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Member since: Thu Dec 23, 2004, 11:06 PM
Number of posts: 26,329

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Greetings from the last best place! The Crown of the Continent.

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Stephen Miller; 900+ emails promoting white genocide novel, white power websites and Mein Kampf

endorsed eugenics policies to Breitbart from about 2015-16 (and who knows how much longer, and to who else.)


Check in here if you still love Kamala AND Joe . . .

Or, you know, Joe AND Kamala - whichever way you like.

This is a primary folks. This is what they sound like. This is what they look like.

I'm still with Joe. I hope he's our nominee. That said, I would be DAMN PROUD to put my time, energy and treasure forth to see President Harris sworn in.

That's where I am. . . . Go! DEMS!

The Mueller Report is BAD for Trump. It's the only explanation for his silence this weekend - and -

I defy anyone to tell me with a straight face that Trump's hand-picked AG did not speak with him the entire weekend to map out a spin strategy. It had to be just bad enough to be plausible. That probably required more work than anything. We can be sure Trump wanted the full Ronnie Jackson "medical report" treatment, but Barr and advisors knew full well that wouldn't be believable to anyone, and would backfire.

It took them a weekend to manage the cherry-picking and concoct the proper spin.The reason why they took so little time?

a) The truth was neither important, nor an objective.
b) They needed to get control of the narrative FIRST.

How does that saying go? A lie can run around the globe a dozen times while the truth is still putting on its shoes?

The full report will be seen. It is not going to be good for him. One possible upside to all this is that we will be deeper into election season when the inevitable, actual truth is revealed. In the meantime - our Democratic candidate will present the country with a vision of sanity, restored self-respect and hope.

Take heart y'all; we got this one! And politely tell those who feel they simply must engage in defeatism to keep that shit to themselves. We've got a job to do. Let's get on with it.

The presence of such a divisive figure on our Democratic stage will only harm us.

History is a fine tutor if we will listen.

Do we believe the Russians will just whistle on by this time, choosing not exploit a cadre of plug-and-play separatists?

This is DEMOCRATIC Underground, and I for one am so very glad we have many excellent and true DEMOCRATS running who have carried the mantle of our party proudly at ALL times, not just use us when it suits them.

Totemic figures of division must not be allowed to repeat their poisonous and selfish dischord, and facilitate once again the existence of the Trump regime.

Montana problems, and/or facts: Please add yours

I'll start.

1.) Most days of the year, someone is splitting wood in their underwear. (Today, it was Mr. MaruKitteh.)

2.) How the hell did I end up with so much sap in my hair today? (This instance may be related to #1 in this series)

I guess now we know what Tiny Toadstool fantasizes about during executive naughty time

Apparently, he's recounted slightly varied versions of a sick, depraved fantasy featuring women "with tape around their mouths so they can't shout or scream, tying up their hands behind their back and even their legs" at least 10 times this month.

Powerless women unable to speak, unable to reject or rebuke him, unable to humiliate him in public the way his wives have, the way Rosie O'Donnell did, the way Nancy did this week.

Trump again mentioned taped-up women at the border. Experts don’t know what he is talking about.

“Women are tied up, they’re bound, duct tape put around their faces, around their mouths, in many cases they can’t even breathe,” he said in the Rose Garden while discussing a deal to temporarily end the partial government shutdown. “They’re put in the backs of cars or vans or trucks.”

Experts say Trump’s claims are ‘divorced from reality.’ His comment Friday was at least the second time he has mentioned taped-up women since The Post initially published this story on Jan. 17, bringing the total number of statements on taped-up women to at least 10 times in 22 days.

More at link: (WaPo) https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/2019/01/17/trumps-stories-taped-up-women-smuggled-into-us-are-divorced-reality-experts-say/?utm_term=.9e861d7ba810

FBI & Congress looking into relationship between Ivanka & Russian weightlifter

Ivanka Trump Was In Contact With A Russian Who Offered A Trump-Putin Meeting

Amid intense scrutiny of contacts between Donald Trump's inner circle and representatives of Vladimir Putin, Ivanka Trump's name has barely come up. But during the campaign, she connected her father’s personal lawyer with a Russian athlete who offered to introduce Donald Trump to Putin to facilitate a 100-story Trump tower in Moscow, according to emails reviewed by BuzzFeed News and four sources with knowledge of the matter.


FBI and congressional investigators, two of the sources said, are still trying to determine the relationship between Ivanka Trump and the Olympian.

more at link https://www.buzzfeednews.com/article/anthonycormier/ivanka-trump-putin-moscow-meeting-michael-cohen-tower?bfsource=relatedmanual
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