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Member since: Fri Dec 24, 2004, 11:31 AM
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Bush and his policies hurt our country. I don't use this word often...

...but I HATE what they did. We are still paying for it and will be paying for it for a very long time. Both in foreign policy and in our economy.

I think they should be held accountable, and wish the Obama Administration had done so. It seems, since they didn't, that we Americans will have to wait for history's judgement. Which means we probably won't be around to see it...

But...think through the 'what if', given the context of the world as it is today:

Would we project the strengths of democracy with a trial for a past president? Maybe, maybe not.

Would it help unify our country? Probably not...would polarize us more, if that's possible. Which could be dangerous, IMHO.

Would it be helpful, considering our economic woes? I doubt it.

Would it be helpful, considering our international woes? Pretty risky, IMO.

Given all that, I can understand President Obama's decision to move FORWARD. History will hold GWB accountable, although I admit I hate the wait.


...we can't wait to uphold our BEST American values. We can't wait to reclaim our moral authority. GWB took a lot from us...the American people. I don't want to give up one more thing, because of him and Cheney.

Obama is not Bush. Kerry is not Powell. Biden is not Cheney.

And they NEED our support.
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