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Member since: Thu Dec 30, 2004, 02:05 PM
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Top .1% of wealth about to exceed bottom 90% :


Darrel Issa (R-CA) on 'This Week': Iraqi's say they only have 8,000 troops who will fight.

ISSA: Iraqis should fight for their country. There's no question at all. They've been trained and they should do it.

The fact is the Kurds are willing to do it. I have no doubt whatsoever that the Kurds will fight. And all they need is our air support and our technical know how and they will do it.

When it comes to the Sunni-Shia divide that the Maliki government created, it makes it very, very hard to put together the kind of military units that they should have. That remains to be seen of whether or not the substantial portion of that 800,000 people we trained are willing to fight.

The fact is by the time they started fleeing, we were down to a quarter of a million. And when I met with the government they said, well, we have about 8,000 who will fight. I think they have to do better.


Question for 3rd way/Libertarians: How can anyone be free, if everything is privatized? (Expanded)

Seriously, how does that work?

If a child is born into a world and everything he sees or touches is the property of a private individual, or corporation, what is there to be free in?

Can he drink the water? No, it has been privatized, he must pay.
Can he sleep in the hospital? No, it has been privatized, he must pay.
Can he walk in the street? No, it has been privatized, he must pay.
Can he go to the forest and make wooden bowls for sale? No, it has been privatized, he must pay.
Can he sell goods by the side of the road? No, it has been privatized, he must pay.

Only in a world where there are many elements owned by all, can we exist as free individuals.

It seems to me that 3rd way/Libertarians are looking to create a world in which freedom itself is impossible, quite contrary to their stated love of freedom.

Any of you folks care to address?

Endless War: Obama calls U.S. troop boost in Iraq 'new phase

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - President Barack Obama said his decision to double the number of U.S. military advisers in Iraq marked a new phase in the campaign against Islamic State and was not an indication his strategy in the region had failed.

Obama, in an interview on CBS' "Face the Nation" broadcast on Sunday, said the first phase was getting an Iraqi government in place that was inclusive and credible.

He said sending in 1,500 additional American troops also signified a shift from a defensive strategy to an offensive one. The decision was announced on Friday.

"The air strikes have been very effective in degrading ISIL's capabilities and slowing the advance that they were making," Obama said, according to a CBS transcript. "Now what we need is ground troops, Iraqi ground troops, that can start pushing them back."


Does anyone think that Obama's not escalating the Iraq war now????

You know, Iraq will forever be remembered now as Obama's war. Bush's war was a success, they will claim (are claiming), and O messed it up. What a legacy.

When do we stop?

Who pays for his war?
Posted by grahamhgreen | Sun Nov 9, 2014, 06:30 PM (9 replies)

NYT: U.S. to Send 1,500 More Troops to Iraq

WASHINGTON ó President Obama has authorized the deployment of an additional 1,500 American troops to Iraq in the coming months, the Defense Department said on Friday, a move that will double the number of those sent to advise and assist Iraqi and Kurdish forces in the battle against the Islamic State.


In addition, the White House Budget Office said it would ask Congress for $5.6 billion for overseas contingency operations, including $1.6 billion to train and equip Iraqi troops.



Those who said we wouldn't escalate, please retract now.

Remember, we just had to cut 8.6 billion from starving children in this country just last February.

And some wonder why we lost the election... and what the agenda will be.... In a word, neo-con.

The war in the Middle East has been raging for 1400 years. We can't win.

The war is draining our treasury and a detriment to our troops.

Call your Rep's to get us out of this quagmire.

IBT: Birthplace Of ISIS Traced To US Prison Camp Bucca; Top ISIS Leaders Once Inmates

By Reissa Su | November 6, 2014 7:06 PM EST

The birthplace of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria has been identified as Camp Bucca, a detention centre run by the United States during the Iraq war. In a report by the Washington Post, March 2009 may have been the beginning of ISIS when it released hundreds of detainees who were some of most radical fighters in the Iraq War. The sprawling detention centre in the southern town of Garma has released its prisoners of war. Many families had rejoiced as their sons, brothers and fathers were finally coming home to them after many years.


Mahmoud's fears about the prisoners of Camp Bucca may have come true. Reports said the camp represents the "opening chapter" in the historic rise of ISIS. Many of its leaders, including Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, were imprisoned in the camp and possibly met one another there. Based on the accounts of former prison commanders, soldiers and analysts, Camp Bucca may have provided the environment for the radicalisation and collaboration of prisoners that has helped shape the development of ISIS.

Soufan Group, a terrorist research organisation, said all the nine members of ISIS' top command had been imprisoned in Camp Bucca. Aside from Baghdadi, who reportedly spent five years in the camp, his number two man, Abu Muslim al-Turkmani, and senior leader, Haji Bakr, now dead, also came from Camp Bucca.


How special. We brutalize, they radicalize, they brutalize, we radicalize..... the never ending cycle of violence that is the Sand Box.

We can't win by violence.

Way past time to come home.

I hope the Congress has enough sense to end this stupidity. I'm calling mine to vote against this perpetual war dream of the neo-cons.
Posted by grahamhgreen | Fri Nov 7, 2014, 12:07 AM (1 replies)

Some more comments by the President yesterday, good and bad:

OBAMA: We all agree on the need to create more jobs that pay well. Traditionally, both parties have been for creating jobs rebuilding our infrastructure -- our roads, bridges, ports, waterways.

I think we can hone in on a way to pay for it through tax reform that closes loopholes and makes it more attractive for companies to create jobs here in the United States.

GOOD! Infrastructure jobs are good (assuming we don't buy our bridges from China like we did with the SF Bay bridge).

We can also work together to grow our -- grow our exports and open new markets for our manufacturers to sell more American-made goods to the rest of the world. Thatís something Iíll be focused on when I travel to Asia next week.

VERY VERY BAD! This means the TPP, and other costly trade agreements One agreement in the TPP would require that when the govt buys cars or pencils, they no longer have to buy from American companies. Another allows corporate courts to rule on the legitimacy of our laws! Bottom line - fewer jobs and lower wages.

We all share the same aspirations for our young people. And I was encouraged that this year Republicans agreed to investments that expanded early childhood education. I think weíve got a chance to do more on that front.

GOOD! Assuming this does not mean more money to privateers.

Weíve got some common ideas to help more young people afford college and graduate without crippling debt, so that they have the freedom to fill the good jobs of tomorrow and buy their first homes and start a family.

GOOD! I think.... what are these 'common ideas'?

And in the five states where a minimum wage increase was on the ballot last night, voters went five for five to increase it. That will give about 325,000 Americans a raise in states where Republican candidates prevailed. So that should give us new reason to get it done for everybody with a national increase in the minimum wage.


Keystone, I just consider as one small aspect of a broader trend thatís really positive for the American people.

BAD! Perhaps EVIL! (I posted this yesterday as an OP)

From: http://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/transcript-president-obamas-remarks-on-midterm-election-results/2014/11/05/491a02b2-6524-11e4-9fdc-d43b053ecb4d_story.html
Posted by grahamhgreen | Thu Nov 6, 2014, 01:06 PM (0 replies)

If millennials had Had Voted

If Millennials Had Voted, Last Night Would Have Looked Very different

The GOPís big Election Day victory may have a lot to do with who didnít show up at the pollsóand one of the groups that stayed home at a record rate were young people. According to an NBC News exit poll, the percentage of voters aged 60 or older accounted for almost 40 percent of the vote, while voters under 30 accounted for a measly 12 percent. Young peopleís share of the vote is typically smaller in midterm elections, but the valley between age groups in 2014 is the largest the US has seen in at least a decade.

And that valley made a huge difference for Democrats, because younger voters have been trending blue. Some 55 percent of young people who did turn up voted for Dems compared to 45 percent of those over 60.

An interactive predictor on the Fusion, the news site targeted at millennials, indicated how Democrats could have gained if young people had shown in greater numbers. Using 2010 vote totals and 2014 polling data, the tool lets users calculate the effect of greater turnout among voters under 30 in several key states.

On Tuesday, according to preliminary exit polls, young voters in Iowa favored Democrats by a slight marginó51 percentóbut they made up only 12 percent of the total vote, leaving conservative Republican Joni Ernst the winner. In Georgia, 58 percent of young voters went for Democrat Michelle Nunn, but they made up 10 percent of the total who showed up to cast their ballots. In Colorado, where a sophisticated political machine delivered Democratic wins in 2010, the calculator shows that a full 71 percent of young people voted for Dems in 2010; exit polls indicate that young voters made up 14 percent of the final tally, leaving Mark Udall out in the cold.

Posted by grahamhgreen | Thu Nov 6, 2014, 10:19 AM (4 replies)

53% Think Neither Political Party Represents the American People


Voters continue to believe Democrats have more of a plan for the future than Republicans do, but most again say neither party represents the public.

A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 53% of Likely U.S. Voters think it is fair to say that neither party in Congress is the party of the American people. Thatís up six points from 47% last October and matches the previous high found in June 2012 during the last national election cycle. Just 28% disagree, while 19% are not sure. (To see survey question wording, click here.)

But a plurality (47%) believes the Democratic Party has a plan for where it wants to take the nation. Thatís up slightly from the low 40s in prior surveys back to February 2010. Thirty percent (30%) think President Obamaís party does not have a plan for the future. Twenty-three percent (23%) are undecided.

By contrast, 38% think the Republican Party has a plan for where it wants to take the nation, but slightly more (40%) disagree. Twenty-two percent (22%) are not sure. This is generally in line with past surveys. Belief that the GOP has a plan for the future jumped to a high of 54% in June 2012 but fell back to previous levels after that.


How did we let that happen?

Obama today: "Keystone, I just consider as one small aspect of a broader trend thatís really positiv

In Full: "Keystone, I just consider as one small aspect of a broader trend thatís really positive for the American people."


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