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Gender: Male
Hometown: Minnesota
Member since: Sat Jan 1, 2005, 04:45 AM
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Thanks for all the good wishes. A wellness check was done several days ago My next door neighbor of 43 years is looking out for me

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"On working harder and longer, Jeb! meant all those part-timers (because of Obamacare)"

"who want full-time jobs"


[font color = blue]AM950Radio> Jeb Bush says that people need to start working longer and harder to improve the economy. What a statement from an heir of a family fortune! - [/font]

[font color = brown]R.W. Troll> ...try to be honest... He said those words, but it's pretty obvious that he meant more than the part time work they are doing now ( you know, the less than 30 hours a week because of Obamacare?)[/font]

[font color = blue]Carlos>
Under G.W. Bush, Part-time workers increased by 2,954,000
while full-time workers increased by 1,556,000

Under Obama, Part-time workers increased by 1,290,000
while full-time workers increased by 5,235,000

Seems like if anyone was the part-time president, it was G.W. Bush.

Since the bottom of the jobs market in February 2010 (coincidentally one month before Obamacare was passed and signed)

Part-time workers increased by 40,000 while full-time workers increased by 10,275,000

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics
Using the BLS's Table A-9 part-time and full-time numbers http://www.bls.gov/news.release/empsit.t09.htm
Part-time workers: http://data.bls.gov/timeseries/LNS12600000
Full-time workers: http://data.bls.gov/timeseries/LNS12500000

Maybe Jeb! should talk to his big bro about what NOT to do.[/font]

AM950 is the only progressive talk radio station in Minnesota

By the way, the BLS's definition of full-time workers is 35 or more hours/week, while the Obamacare employer mandate for providing healthcare insurance is 30 hours/week. So if all that many employers were moving away from full-time to part-time jobs, it would show up in the above BLS statistics, but sure doesn't seem to. Also, involuntary part-timers has been falling for years.

Ouch! PBS Newshour's Politics Monday contrast Bernie's and Hillary's styles


SUSAN PAGE (USA Today): ... And, also, his (Bernie's) manner. She (Hillary) has got all kinds of problems in looking approachable and looking like shes a fully-fledged human being. And hes all hes just totally approachable. Hes 100 percent authentic, approachable Bernie Sanders. So I think the contrast is not helpful to her.


GWEN IFILL: Go ahead.

TAMARA KEITH: I was just going to say that when I talk to people out when Im reporting, they say things like, gosh, Bernie Sanders is just so real.

And it creates that contrast with Hillary Clinton, who has been in public life for so long. Shes had her picture taken so many times that she has that smile down just right. And Bernie is just out there being Bernie. And so it does create sort of a stylistic contrast for people.

Bif, Pow, Ouch,

That link above has the video of this segment (lots of fun to watch), not just the transcript.
Oh, start at about 3:00. But the goody above starts at 3:42.

[font color = red]On Edit: Much thanks to tomm2thumbs, here is the YouTube video:[/font]

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