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Arkansas Granny

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Gender: Female
Hometown: Arkansas
Home country: USA
Member since: Thu Jan 13, 2005, 04:13 PM
Number of posts: 29,878

Journal Archives

With all the discussion about the Paris Agreement, I found this article about funding

to be very interesting.

What Is the Green Climate Fund and How Much Does the U.S. Actually Pay?

In announcing his decision to withdraw from the Paris climate accord, President Trump also said the United States would stop contributing to the Green Climate Fund, a United Nations program that he claimed could eventually cost the country “billions and billions and billions” of dollars.

How much have rich countries pledged?

Industrialized countries have voluntarily pledged $10.3 billion since 2013 to help poorer nations reduce greenhouse gas emissions and address the effects of climate change. The United States has pledged by far the most — $3 billion, twice that of the second-largest pledger, Japan. But on a per-capita basis, many other countries have offered more than the United States. Swedes, for example, will contribute nearly $60 each.

Posted by Arkansas Granny | Sat Jun 3, 2017, 08:00 AM (0 replies)

I have my hummingbird feeders put up in their usual spots and I've been getting a few regulars

stopping by. Surprisingly, my regulars now include a pair of House Finches that have been here every day for the last week or so. They always arrive together, perch on the "rail" around the feeder and poke around at the holes with their beaks and then move on.

The feeders holes don't show any damage like they are trying to peck or chip pieces off and I don't see how they could be accessing any nectar. Since they are always together should I assume that they don't have any nestlings to feed or eggs to incubate?

Has anyone else ever observed this behavior?
Posted by Arkansas Granny | Fri Jun 2, 2017, 02:14 PM (4 replies)

White House orders agencies to ignore Democrats oversight requests

The White House is telling federal agencies to blow off Democratic lawmakers' oversight requests, as Republicans fear the information could be weaponized against President Donald Trump.

At meetings with top officials for various government departments this spring, Uttam Dhillon, a White House lawyer, told agencies not to cooperate with such requests from Democrats, according to Republican sources inside and outside the administration.

It appears to be a formalization of a practice that had already taken hold, as Democrats have complained that their oversight letters requesting information from agencies have gone unanswered since January, and the Trump administration has not yet explained the rationale.

The declaration amounts to a new level of partisanship in Washington, where the president and his administration already feels besieged by media reports and attacks from Democrats. The idea, Republicans said, is to choke off the Democratic congressional minorities from gaining new information that could be used to attack the president.


It sounds like Trump is trying to establish a dictatorship.
Posted by Arkansas Granny | Fri Jun 2, 2017, 11:52 AM (4 replies)
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