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Arkansas Granny

Arkansas Granny's Journal
Arkansas Granny's Journal
August 24, 2014

Do y'all remember my post about the dying kitten I found on my doorstep a few weeks ago? New pics!

The poor little thing was about 4 weeks old, emaciated, flea encrusted and covered with flies (and their eggs). I brought him in, bathed him, offered him food and water and prepared a warm place for him to die. To my surprise, he survived!

This was taken a few days after I found him in late June. Not much to look at.

This was taken in late July. Still a little ratty looking, but getting better.

This was taken a few days ago while we were enjoying a little time on the front porch.

Gone are the icky eyes, the picket fence backbone and washboard ribs. Did you notice that shiny coat, those bright eyes and how muscular he's getting? He is developing a real personality, too, full of piss and vinegar, but still a lovey when it suits him. I've had to introduce him to the squirt bottle when he gets a little too rough, but he's learning. My legs look like I've been running through a briar patch bare-legged, but I'm healing. He sleeps with me every night and has learned that sleeping on my face is not allowed, but other than that, I make a pretty good cat bed.

I had initially named him Critter, but I found myself calling him Boogie (as in the Full Tilt variety) so often that he has had a name change. And just like a kid, when you buy him a new toy. . . .

And all he wants to do is play with the box.

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