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Member since: Mon Feb 7, 2005, 02:14 AM
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People who own businesses are going through anguish about their

business during Covid CNN.

(Me) They may become liberals for seeing the country from another side and seeing a role for government. . Shhh don't tell republican leaders. Big city people are already leaving their apartments and buying homes with 'gardens' (another liberal science based thing that shows flora and fauna working together for something bigger than themselves).

I wasn't deriding it. I was not being sarcastic. I am taking a cue from leaders

of all kinds and am going to temper how i see the issues. We are hominids who survive on stories. That is what binds us together. Biden has a better story for holding it all together. I'm giving up my angry one. As to not reading the piece, i do rely on Goddard for his salience. I do think his out-take was the best part of a fantastic Op-Ed. Thanks for directing me to the whole thing. Well worth the read.

I had not read it. But still i get the message : don't call them out by name (Pope),

reconnect by using your heart (Bill Maher ) and find a common enemy not in each other but in the disease covid (Biden).

Looks like Biden, Pope and others are running with a narrative that

does not offend Trump's base. Not accusatory. Not blaming Trump and his cronies and his base for racism in their handling or point of view in the Covid crisis. No venting. Soft pedalling is in. Fall in line people. I guess we are not going to repair democracy by attacking the people we need brought back into the fold of Democracy. Biden dialed it down too. So did Bill Maher. If all three are on the same page, who am I to disagree.

Pope Francis Hits Groups Protesting Virus Restrictions

Pope Francis Hits Groups Protesting Virus Restrictions

November 27, 2020 at 12:01 am EST By Taegan Goddard 88 Comments



Pope Francis criticized groups protesting COVID-19 restrictions in a New York Times op-ed:

“It is all too easy for some to take an idea — in this case, for example, personal freedom — and turn it into an ideology, creating a prism through which they judge everything.”


The other thing that an under count of republicans in polls does to

a campaign like Biden's is to stop them, if they thought they were way ahead in certain states, from more aggressive messaging. If they knew what four % points of Trump supporters were thinking, the ones who were 'shy', their campaign would have ended much differently. If you have the wrong data how can you land your campaign perfectly on election day? The word came in the last week of the campaign that there were 'shy' republicans. No doubt the info came from republican numbers. Democrats better figure it out.

Maybe the GOP base has a stronger connection to Fox News than to Trump?

Just 4 People Show Up For Pro-Trump "Stop The Steal" Rally


Just 4 People Show Up For Pro-Trump “Stop The Steal” Rally



A pro-Trump “Stop The Steal” rally outside of Fox News’s DC headquarters drew a crowd of four people who showed up to protest.


Being forced to back Trump's election challenges is embarassing

to republicans and weakens them. Now they know what it is like to have someone with power over them (Trump's base and how he wields it) and not their best interests at heart (Trump). Doubt they'll learn anything about humanity in that. Rick Scott just choked and ran away from reporters i saw on the tv.

This time the pre-election polls were used like the exit polls in 2004.

Seems shy republucans just can't help from lying making it look like a democratic sure win come election day, motivating republicans to get out and vote all the while relaxing democrats on election day. In 2004 it was called the 'shy elephant' phenominon and it was exit polls that were punped up for democrats falsly. That is lying. Kerry was given the win by 2PM on election day. Thise exit polls were wrong. Democrats stayed home from voting at the end of the day. Bush ended up winning. Nobody would publish actual exit poll vote tallies during elections after that.

This time we were warned of 'shy republicans' a week or so before election day. Once again republicans were obviously lying to pollsters en mass. And they put out the meme that it was shyness, not collusion to create a false election narrative. They will try to get us to blame the machines like they did in 2004 too.

The common denominator is Karl Rove running both elections for the Republican presidential incumbants. We are going to have to ignore polling in elections to come. Or make them illegal.

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