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Member since: Mon Feb 7, 2005, 03:14 AM
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The 1%/GOP has managed to diminish economists with their bullshit. They want to diminish all

public experts and leave all good knowledge only in the hands of the corporations (who will be the only ones who can afford to pay for it). This is part of us heading back into the dark ages where only corporations will have a monopoly on information this time - instead of religion. Why do they hate experts so much? Because they inform people and regulate corporations. All things that take profits, and therefore big bonuses, out of the hands of ceos. They have been pushing bullshit economics for so long, people deregulated financial markets and as a result we have chronic unemployment. And now people don't trust the other economists..the ones who still teach what worked in the past (Keynesians). Just like the gop/1% made government not function so that people would no longer believe in it. It is working.

He used the term venture capitalism to describe himself. Democrats are not against

venture capitalism..that is when a bank forms a partnership with somebody with a good idea and a small business, and together they turn it into a big business and create lots & lots of jobs. Liberals love that kind of business. It is a bait and switch. Apparently Romeny is good at bait and switching as well as lying. Don't let him call himself a venture capitalist. Don't let him claim Democrats are against venture capitalism. That is not the kind of capitalism he practiced when he worked for Bain.

I've figured out why Occupy rocks! Psychopaths will force one single reality on all the people.

Usually there are multiple realities amongst various people, even within groups. Hell their are multiple realities between any two people. As it should be. The GOP has been forcing its narrative on americans (fewer taxes, no abortion, no regulation, etc). On the left, there has been dueling narratives forced on people. By telling folk they have a voice with OCCUPY, people are reclaiming their realities. And they feel less forced for saying what is truly in their hearts & minds, and acting on that. That is all the bubbling up that is going on with the huge meetings and locally based truths. That is why people feel suddenly free.

I think of a whole crowd of people, from all walks of life. I also see the 'batsignal' "99%".

Some day maybe the right's base will be free of the hatred and fear the GOP

stirs up in them. Then they will truly know freedom.
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