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Member since: Mon Feb 7, 2005, 02:14 AM
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Wasn't Karl Rove accused of planting a bug in his own campaigns office

back when he was a young campaign manager? I vagely remember a story like that. Isn't Rove helping Trump now? And suddenly Tucker's package gets stolen.

Early afternoon exit polls reported Kerry had the win. That is what i meant

by landslide. It was being called by early afternoon. Of course that was false and republicans said it was because Republicans were shy elephants who didn't want to answer exit pollsters and that was the reason why the information was so wrongly skewed by the afternoon. They said so after the fact. That Condi tried to warn the press the exit poll numbers were off. Of course word got around to the public Kerry was so far ahead and democrats didn't feel they needed to vote at the end of the day. And Kerry lost because he was not in fact ahead so much so it was a win for him by 2PM. The exit polls lied. Look up shy elephant theory.

When i hear "shy" republican voters i see the Rove's of the world building a narrative.

Remember Trump is expected to win election day before all the early and absentee ballots are counted. We need to vote vote vote. If we beat him just after the polls close - great. Maybe the shy Trump voter meme this time is to encourage depressed republicans to get out and vote and to not be depressed by the actual polls. It certainly paints a picture of a secret army. Don't know. I just don't want to hear the words 'shy republican' again.

That was the theory behind Kerry losing in 2004. Fact is it was an untruth about

kerry having a sure win were everywhere on election day in 2004 so harried democratic voters did not vote at the end of the day when they got home from work. Don't fall for what the Karl Rove's of the world cook up as narratives go. That was the shy elephant theory. Be warned to ignore any purported polling that shows Biden way out ahead on election day. Indeed there should be no poll results reported.

The fact that the Administration equates an attack on voters by

Proud Boys, that was really done by Iran, to make Trump look bad shows the White House feels connected to the Proud Boys as part of their campaign and election strategy. Very telling.

Trump's radiologist trained but advisor on Covid has been talking up herd immunity.

Tonight Trump said no to it at the town hall on NBC tonight: the treatment can't be worse than the sickness. Trump is running against his staff. Trying to make himself look reasonable in comparison. Remember when people take some peace of mind away from you and then give it back like it is a gift - that is abuse. Dejoy is now going to undo the wrenches in put in the delivery of mail. Trump now says he will accept a peaceful transfer of power. Trump is all for masks and you can see people masked only behind him at rallies as his base go maskless in the rest of the rally. Narcissistictown seems less crazy. Don't be fooled. Don't feel relief. Be very, very angry.

Taking peace of mind away from someone and then giving it back as if a great favour

is abuse. Don't be an abuse victim. Dejoy is going to undo the changes he made at the post office because he is being sued, Trump makes sure the audience behind him at rallies are all wearing masks with his logo on them. They did this. They still threaten your life and your vote. Don't be grateful or placated. They made you unsafe.



With fake vote drop boxes in Orange County and the like, are the GOP

setting up vote destruction and malfeasance of their own voters to create a 'truthline' (false narrative) and timeline so a narrative of voter fraud can be used in the courts in November by the right? I mean they have nothing now. The stats on voter fraud are miniscule the courts have said again and again. They can't win in California anyway so that would be a place to do it. Then they can claim OrangeCounty-Gazi vote massacre again and again. And take it to court. Could be what is happening

He's going for the big lie. People who don't despise him and may have voted

for him before will say to themselves "he wouldn't make a whole national emergency up". And it is easier to stay relatively pollyannaish ( or rosy coloured eye glassed) and deny that it is a huge lie, than it could be to say "the world can be a vicious place and people are vulnerable to being duped and their country destroyed by someone they thought had their best interests at heart".

They fined people who were not social distancing in March/April. They

have to set boundaries. Then even idiots learn. The guy was resisting arrest i saw. Some fool last week refused to wear a mask at a store somewhere in Ontario. The police were called after he assaulted someone. He left. The police followed him then cut away because it was too dangerous to chase him and they had his license plate. The went to his house. He met them with guns drawn. They shot him. He is dead. He died on the hill of not wearing a mask but i guess the good news is he finally had meaning in his life

Trump really is a death cult only i think Trump's death cult is run by the right wing extremists who stir the base up on some issue like not wearing masks. Then Trump reads the crowd and it becomes his policy. Then mayhem happens and finally when it is disastrous and the experts are screaming and it looks like the US will go down the tubes without intervention and Trump will be destroyed politically, then Trump is for masks. Weird thing is Trump corporation was going to make masks with their logo on it when masks were first suggested by health experts in the US. I think it was April. Trump wasn't against promoting masks at that point. Trump is just a crowd reader, not the leader of the death cult. The leader of the death cult is some people with access to bots and ads on the internet. Maybe foreign too. Corrupt. Cold hearted. Anti black. Anti woman. Anti lgbtq. Getting rid of Trump will not get rid of them. The fight will go on way past January.

Imagine a world where the Lincoln Project becomes the Lincoln Party

in the middle. Just like the Liberals have one most often in canada over the last 152 years as there are multiple parties in canada so the center party wins. Now i like the Liberals and politics of all parties in canada are way to the left of parties in the US, but a center right party run by the people running the Lincoln Project would break up the Democratic big tent. That is the republicans only choice because the majority of americans refused to give up their humanity and become white supremacists and republicans then need a new coalition as demographics change for good. A Lincoln Party could run in the center and win the presidency then work with Republicans in the House and Senate. I don't know for sure but these are cold blooded operators who have not woken up from anything. They made the Republican Party the less obvious white supremacist party for decades. Think about it.
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