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Cafe Cat

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Gender: Female
Hometown: North-east Cackalacky
Member since: Sat Feb 12, 2005, 12:40 PM
Number of posts: 18,748

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Protest Sign IDEAS for June 3 (This Saturday!)

I'm starting my sign- a 6-foot high strong cardboard cylinder. I'm going to have just one word on this giant-sized poster: SAD!!!! Big, bold caps and hundreds of craft-supply rhinestones glued onto each letter & exclamation mark.

I made a similar one back in Oct. 2011. I was at the DC Occupy and Stop the Machine. It said "HOKA HEY"- pink/purple/opalescent rhinestones on a black background. It sparkled, & now it's hanging on my bedroom wall despite all the damage.

I've never, in the history of everything, seen anything so creative or engaging as an Anti-Trump protest.

Please feel free to leave your best-AND-worst here.

I'm tired of BRACING MYSELF all the damned time.

This happens as early in the day as the moment I wake up. I remember what we're dealing with- remember the last news of yesterday & dread discovery of what may have happened overnight. Then steel myself: for the sheer fact of Trump's "Presidency", and the likelihood he'll outdo himself. Again. TODAY. WORSE.

It's become physical. The first time I remembered to roll my neck, I heard a "crack" like a gun going off. That was 4 days ago. It's getting easier to do. But, time flies while you're NOT having fun: my neck, shoulders & upper back are singing. They've been neglected for months. I'm going to ask the next person I see today to give my shoulders a nice yank from behind. Ask my best friend for a scalp massage.

With "recovery" at night, I drink a lot of chamomile tea with honey. Maybe a little grass? Or take a melatonin? I curl up in bed with my cat, and I read Stephen King. I *HAVE* to read Stephen King to get away from this %$#@!@%$ shit.

Thanks for letting me get that off my back. Shoulders, neck.

"Sorry, everybody."


Although, Melania-- you kind of knew what you were getting into. Isn't that right?

GOP's Modest Budget Proposal: "Kill Everybody and Take Their Stuff".

At the risk of sounding paranoid, I think it's pretty simple. They want to kill us and take our stuff.

I can't begin to see any other motivation + means to an end to explain their actions, from the beginning to now. Of all the time-wasting blather and drama, only that interpretation makes sense to me.

Their hands say a LOT about them, here, L to R:

Ivanka: searching her catalog of demure hand poses & landing on an awkward one.

Melania: "He can't take my hand. He can't touch me. If he tries anything funny, I'll take him down, here, right in front of the Pope".

"Easy D": poseable, manicured little Ken Doll hands (I am personally amazed he controlled his "thumbs up" for once).

The Pope: resignation and weight.

If These Two were with us today, I'd really be enjoying myself tonight:

Dominick Dunne: Born: October 29, 1925 - Died: August 26, 2009

I can't imagine how something like what we're experiencing, this year, would strike him.
What the hell would be his interpretation of the world's events? He was like a translator.


Hunter Stockton Thompson: Born: July 18, 1937 - Died: February 20, 2005

He was an adrenaline junkie. He'd love this. He'd go so far as to make perfect sense of it. He had so much heart in everything he did. He'd take the chaotic input the rest of us are getting and sum it up for us.

"You'd be surprised how much it costs to look this cheap."

The Washington DC Hillbillies:

"EASY D", admiring his new jewelry:


& our beloved Dolly Parton, who first authored this gem:

Well, they're child-proofing Europe & the Middle East. Maybe things'll be OK.

Even if the hairbucket in-chief shows up giving a big "Thumbs UP!!!" gesture to cultures that read a big "FU" into it. EVEN if he's flanked by 2 armed people. One holding a passel of handout laminated electoral maps. The other there for photo ops: she's there to hastily arrange his hair and undo his undie-wedgies for him. Even if he expresses disgust at the steak he's been given and spends the rest of dinner staring it down. Silently.

They've ALL been given explicit instructions as to how to endure him. That was kind, maybe. Wasn't it? Maybe the man in life isn't really as tough as all that. He must be fascinating to stare at, like a horror movie in-person. He must be a little horrifying to those who are not forced to identify him as their own "representative". What man or woman, in his presence, hasn't wondered how quickly they could take this one to the floor and please GOD shut him up. I wonder how much a periphery he needs to have, physically & personally controlled, around him.

Anyway, do these foreign professionals really, really mean to adhere to that? Aren't you pretty much allowed to insult a visitor (whether or not you mean to) on your own soil, because it's YOUR Country? We do it all the time here! That would be very classy of them to read these "handler's" rules, then to try and put themselves somehow in Trump's shoes. Maybe give him the benefit of the doubt and decide he's "eccentric". But, it would also be classy if they thought he could benefit from a few lessons in culture, and just do things the way they would, as if a grownup has come to visit them.

I have no doubt that whatever will be, will happen, God help us all.

I think the entire WH Service Staff should be the first to bail.

"Loyalty oath" or not, it's up to the Big Maids and the Lesser Maids. It's up to the sou chefs and the top meatloaf makers, those who clean up after the chefs, the marble polishers and the WH toilet scrubbers
(OMG), the shoe shiners and closet organizers and manicurists, the sink cleaners, garbage collectors,
those guarding the garbage collectors, the garbage-collector guard guard. The plumbers. Most of them paid
handsomely, enough to retire early, I'll bet. The entirety of the WH service staff.

The mirror-polishers. The pubic-hair removers. ALL of the professional dusters. Everyone who requires a
face mask when working w/ dangerous chemicals in the WH periphery. The flower-arranger. Those who have to scour behind the toilets and the greasy WH stove. The vacuumers. The floor polishers. The delivery people. The lawn mowers (imagine that!) . The landscape artists. The window washers. The Coke-Button
guy (would pay to read that story). The patissiers. Those who remove clogged hair from the WH drains.
The pest exterminators. The KFC drivers. The electoral-college-map copy guy. Those on Electoral Map
Lamination detail. The gold- plaiting repair & restoration people. The sweepers. The coffee server. The
furniture lifters. The picture hangers. The stair cleaners. The toenail clippers. The launderers and dry
cleaners. The hair- doers. Those people, all those people who "process" things. The hedge trimmers and
leaf-blowers. The pool cleaners. The gunge-removers. The chimney sweeps. The WH "Greeter".

Those who may look at this list and say things like, "I'm not on that list! I hold the door open. If it weren't for me, that dumb hairbucket would have to figure out whether to push or pull it to get through the doorway."

I'll bet they put up with an infinite amount of shit. They're worth a lot more than this, surely. Maybe treated more unfairly than any maid/ professional duster/ garbage collector/ electoral-map-lamination guy in the history of history. They probably have stress like we can't even imagine, with that big, ugly box-of-nothing in charge. All that chaos must be working their nerves. All that yelling & noise is not good for hard-working people. They deserve a day- or a week or 2! -off. That's a big decision, but who wouldn't enjoy a free day in the sun with one's OWN friends and family. Laughing and having time to roll their necks and loosen up!!

I wonder how many of them want to see the flabby ass-end of this imposter in-chief. I wonder how many of them wanted to say "take this job and shove it" and quite possibly open themselves up to endless
opportunities and enjoy a little local fame. At the exact same time?? The WH lawn would be an overgrown
wasteland! The Trumps would run out of toilet paper! Trumps everywhere would be forced to refill their own
beverages! DUST BUNNIES would fall from chandeliers onto anyone's head. It would actually, physically reflect how the WH is being run.

That would be a spectacle. It's interesting, because the WH Service staff are in a curiously powerful position now that all hell's broken loose.
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