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Member since: Thu Apr 14, 2005, 05:50 PM
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Bernie toons! (lots of them - really. Lots. Yuge collection)

Don't know if n2doc posted these yet or not... sorry if a repeat.


Oh those superdelegates!


That's all folks

The Myth of the Bernie Bros

This video sums it up why Bernie supporters are so sick and tired of being called Bernie Bros!
Every rally I've been to has been a mixture of beautiful people of all ages.

Bernie by the numbers


Bernie & down ticket Dems. I'm going to break your kitchen sink on this artful smear as well.

I get it that many of you do not understand what is going on with Bernie supporters, and I accept that. If you're not part of it, how would you know.

About the DNC, I personally have not donated one cent to the DNC since Howard Dean left. Why? Because I live in Az & DWS has written us off. In fact hopefully we can all unite in saying that DWS has been a disaster for downticket Dems and local races. Just look at what has happened in states all across the country under her leadership. We have lost local offices, governors, down the line. In 2012 the DNC did not put one penny into this state but the RNC AND the Koch Bros sure did. You cannot imagine the govt they bought - or maybe you can since this is a country-wide problem.

Berniecrats do NOT donate to the DNC. We donate directly to the candidates themselves. In the same manner that we are funding Bernie's campaign is the same way we are funding these down ticket races.
We have compiled a list of approx 100 "Bernie Dems"... some call them the Bernie Brigade, It is VERY important to Bernie supporters that should he get elected that he has more progressives elected to Congress & the Senate & in States since he has a very aggressive agenda. And if Hillary wins, this will be beneficial to her as well.

This is part of the Political Revolution, we are united in finding elected officials that are willing to represent the voters, are willing to fight for change and challenge the status quo.

Of course Bernie supporters are concentrating on our own states. But we also donate to other candidates that we believe we can help get elected.
I am not going to list the entire list because I do not want them to be under attack by those that are hellbent on destroying the work we are doing. But I will name a few....
Tim Canova FL running against DWS. Lucy Flores NV running for Congress. Cori Bush MO (no relation - lol) running for Senate.

After the primary season or the GE is over, this is not going away. This list will continue to grow & once Bernie is no longer concentrating on running for President, he will become more involved.

The money that we donate to Bernie is for Bernie alone. We want him to use every last penny to do what he needs to do to take him through the end.

As far as the downticket Dems - we are taking care of that for him right now. Bernie supporters are united in a movement and it is not just about Bernie.

I get it that many of you will not understand. But that's okay.

I went to the Bernie rally tonite in Phoenix. And I have something to say to the media.

There were as many, if not more older supporters of Bernie than there were young voters. Little old ladies pushing walkers to young parents with their babies inside of baby carriers.
I'd say the median age from my side of the room was late 30s.

But the one thing that was so beautiful to see was the melting pot of different types of people from all races and backgrounds.

I know we keep hearing that Bernie and his supporters are racist, that only white people vote for Bernie.
I know we keep hearing that Bernie's supporters are all millennials.

That couldn't be further from the truth told by the people that were there tonite at his rally.
And there we were, packed in like a can of sardines, literally smooshed together. Nobody cared about anyone's age.
Nobody cared about the color of anybody's skin.
We were one big happy family, all there with a common bond - to show Senator Bernie Sanders that we support him in his bid for the Presidency.

Except for the young girl that climbed on a guys shoulder and took of her shirt - lol. That was a whole other story. Bernie looked up, saw her, giggled, then went right back into his stump speech without missing a beat. I bet that was a first for him, being flashed at one of his rallies. (she was a trump protester).

Don't get fooled by the hype, or the hateful comments directed at us. People of all ages from all walks of life have come together to support this 74 year old man with a vision for our country.

This is who Bernie supporters are - don't listen to anyone that tells you something different.


Edited to change Old Farts - which I am a proud member of that group - to older supporters. The LAST thing I wanted to do on a thread about people coming together for Bernie was to use a phrase that was offensive.

Let's be clear about who really won tonite.

The msm.

From day one they pushed Trump on everyone, they played every minute of every speech. It was Trump 24/7.
Republicans are going to bed tonite not knowing a dang thing about Kasich - or even Rubio, the 2 somewhat normal people on their side. The media ignored them, never introduced them to the public & all people really know about them is what they saw during the debates - if they even watched. But they know everything about Trump.

And on our side, it was Hillary. Totally ignoring Bernie. They never really introduced him to the public.
Democrats are going to bed tonite not knowing much about Bernie. The only thing they know about him is what they saw at the debates, if they even watched. But they know everything about Hillary, especially the Msnbc viewers.

I really believe the majority of people that showed up at Bernie's rallies got out and voted. But 10K at one rally, 20k at another does not equal the number of voters in a state. And the others - they didn't vote for Bernie because they still have unanswered questions about this democratic socialist from the tiny state of Vermont.

So congratulations to the media. They were the big winners tonite. They made this about a horse race instead of about issues. They even bet on the horses they thought would win, and continue to cheer them on to the finish line, barely even noticing the other horses that are in the race.

The Fourth Estate, so important to a functioning democracy no longer exists.

Bernie has been mentioning the failure of the media a lot more in his speeches, and at townhalls. His concerns have been mostly about the lack of coverage of climate change, free trade, & money in politics.... Bernie is more right than I think he even realizes.

About that first Immigration bill Bernie voted against....

Maybe now you will understand why.
He went there & made sure the next time the comprehensive immigration bill went to the floor of the Senate - these people were not forgotten.

I dare you to watch.... or you could continue to ignore the truth and point fingers at Bernie trying to make him look bad when he was in fact fighting for the new face of slave labor.

Working families of Immokalee, Florida, have been fighting exploitation by the agricultural industry. "I will always fight. As long as I can see my children happy and well, I will continue fighting to provide them with the best. My children are the motor that drives my life,” Udelia says.

In 2008, Bernie traveled to Immokalee and met with migrant workers who were being ruthlessly exploited. He told the story to Congress in the hopes of improving their condition, and succeeded. But how many more Immokalees are there? How many fields or factories are there? We have to ask ourselves ‘who benefits from this exploitation?' And to understand that it is not only the Immokalee workers who suffer but every worker in America because that pushes us in a race to the bottom.


As a woman who fought for gender equality in the 1970s let me define sexist for you....

A sexist is when someone does not think that men and women are equal.

Let me explain it in other words...

When Hillary and Bernie are up on that debate stage, there are 2 candidates running for President of the United States.
It is irrelevant that one is a man and one is a woman.

So when Bernie says "excuse me let me finish, you'll have your turn to tell your story" - that is not sexist.

What IS sexist is when people say - oh my gosh! can you believe he said that to her.

Bernie would have said the same exact thing to Joe Biden if it was Biden standing next to him and kept trying to interrupt him.
The rules are not different just because Hillary is a woman

And for those of you that say Hillary should be treated differently than Joe Biden would've been treated if it was him on the stage instead of her - that is the most sexist thing you could possibly say.

We fought for equality & not special treatment for women.

Reminder to some - we live in a Representative Democracy. So please STOP insisting that

a presidential candidate that is showing momentum and is continuing to break all fundraising records needs to quit.

Time Magazine - December
Bernie Sanders Breaks Fundraising Record
He's berning up the fundraising milestones
Bernie Sanders has broken the fundraising record for most contributions at this point in a presidential campaign, surpassing 2.3 million donations.

Alternet - January
Sanders Breaks Fundraising Records as His Contest with Clinton Heats Up
The 2,513,665 donations to Sanders’ campaign broke the record set four years ago by President Barack Obama’s re-election committee.

Politico - February
After Primary, Sanders Campaign Breaks Fundraising Record That They Already Set

The Atlantic - March - yes this was written yesterday
“People develop a deeper investment and appreciation for the campaign when they’re being counted as part of something bigger than themselves.”....Super Tuesday, when voters from states across the country pick winners in the Democratic primary. Ahead of the event, the campaign blew past a goal of raising $40 million.

Not to mention this past week he picked up 3 impressive endorsements -
1. Robert Reich former Labor Secretary of the Clinton Administration.
2. Tulsi Gabbard - #2 at DNC resigned to endorse him.
3. Outspoken Liberal favorite - Alan Grayson (also a superdelegate)

Add that to the large Latino Coalition he has in Arizona led by the Progressive Caucus Chair Raul Grijalva.
The recent endorsements of several leaders in Detroit because of Bernie's - yes Bernie's - involvement in Flint MI (I know, you didn't know about that because the msm doesn't talk about things like that)
(included in that endorsement is - "The Detroit endorsements, mostly from African-American activists and Detroit leaders," Shocking!!)

Bernie is gaining steam and momentum, picking up yuge endorsements all of the time.
His fundraising is unlimited and breaking all records - ever.

So Please, pretty please, can you let our Representative Democracy work as it was set up to do by our founding fathers & stop demanding, implying that Bernie needs to quit?
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