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The Myth of the Bernie Bros

This video sums it up why Bernie supporters are so sick and tired of being called Bernie Bros!
Every rally I've been to has been a mixture of beautiful people of all ages.

Bernie by the numbers


Bernie & down ticket Dems. I'm going to break your kitchen sink on this artful smear as well.

I get it that many of you do not understand what is going on with Bernie supporters, and I accept that. If you're not part of it, how would you know.

About the DNC, I personally have not donated one cent to the DNC since Howard Dean left. Why? Because I live in Az & DWS has written us off. In fact hopefully we can all unite in saying that DWS has been a disaster for downticket Dems and local races. Just look at what has happened in states all across the country under her leadership. We have lost local offices, governors, down the line. In 2012 the DNC did not put one penny into this state but the RNC AND the Koch Bros sure did. You cannot imagine the govt they bought - or maybe you can since this is a country-wide problem.

Berniecrats do NOT donate to the DNC. We donate directly to the candidates themselves. In the same manner that we are funding Bernie's campaign is the same way we are funding these down ticket races.
We have compiled a list of approx 100 "Bernie Dems"... some call them the Bernie Brigade, It is VERY important to Bernie supporters that should he get elected that he has more progressives elected to Congress & the Senate & in States since he has a very aggressive agenda. And if Hillary wins, this will be beneficial to her as well.

This is part of the Political Revolution, we are united in finding elected officials that are willing to represent the voters, are willing to fight for change and challenge the status quo.

Of course Bernie supporters are concentrating on our own states. But we also donate to other candidates that we believe we can help get elected.
I am not going to list the entire list because I do not want them to be under attack by those that are hellbent on destroying the work we are doing. But I will name a few....
Tim Canova FL running against DWS. Lucy Flores NV running for Congress. Cori Bush MO (no relation - lol) running for Senate.

After the primary season or the GE is over, this is not going away. This list will continue to grow & once Bernie is no longer concentrating on running for President, he will become more involved.

The money that we donate to Bernie is for Bernie alone. We want him to use every last penny to do what he needs to do to take him through the end.

As far as the downticket Dems - we are taking care of that for him right now. Bernie supporters are united in a movement and it is not just about Bernie.

I get it that many of you will not understand. But that's okay.

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