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Member since: Fri Apr 15, 2005, 10:35 AM
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I would vote Republican if...

Our country has been driven to the right so hard for so long, 1956 Republicans are to the left of today's Democrats.

A Scary Fact.

It took humans 200,000 years to reach a population of one billion. That was in about 1800.

By 1960, we topped 3 billion.

Today, 55 years later, we're at 7 billion.

This is not our parent's or grandparent's world. Our children will be living in a very different world than we live in now.

Until I see empathy and compassion in capitalism, I'm all for moving a bit towards socialism.

We hear about "the entitlement generation" and how people these days are leeching off the government. In my mind, the government is for the people and of the people. Therefore, the people should benefit. If some surfer dude eats lobster while on welfare, he is offset by a dozen single moms supporting their kids.

Americans deserve entitlements. We deserve safety nets and we've earned it.

I've worked my entire life and have never needed unemployment or welfare but I want to know that my kids have that safety net if the company they work for moves their job overseas and leave them high and dry.

In my kids' lifetime, our population will probably double. It's time we started to care for our children and our planet. Profits be damned.
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