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How to put this into words.......

I had the dubious honor of being at a national car club event last week. Several of us wanted to hear President Obama's speech so we gathered in one hotel room for the event. We wanted to enjoy the moment and not have to listen to the negative comments of our fellow traveling companions. How sad is it when you have to hide away in order to express pride and gratitude for the President.

I am telling you that there are still many crazy Rethugs out there who just can not face the music. We are from Ohio and these folks were venomous. My favorite comment was, 'Well I would agree with Obama's words. If he weren't such a liar I could vote for him!' 'Lies!', I said, 'Were you the least bit concerned that we were lied into a war in Iraq that we didn't pay a penny for for ten years?' He actually replied that we were not lied into anything! I had to walk away before my blood boiled!

On a drive Saturday, three out of five people in the car said that they were sick and tired of taking care of the poor. They went on and on about how the lazy poor people should get up and get a job! They seriously have contempt for the poor! To make matters worse they are not afraid to say it. They acted like everyone in the car felt the same way and were not ashamed to speak these thoughts out loud.

I never heard them touch on health care but I do know that three of the people in our group have been treated for cancer in their lifetime. One is actually undergoing chemo right now! They are all on Medicare yet they have no concerns about future care.

The most bizarre thing is that the Obama supporters do not talk politics, yet the Rethugs feel the need to bring it up at every opportunity. Saturday evening at the banquet the eight Ohioans were seated together. As if like clockwork they started in. Toad number two remarks that it is 'still a free country' and then realizing that he is in Canada says, 'Oh I take that back, we're in Canada!" Well I couldn't stand it any more. I turned to him and said, ' I wouldn't be so proud, at least Canada does not have the Patriot Act!' He started to bubble a response leading with the word 'Obama' and the fellow across the table told him to shut the *ell up.

There you have it. The Fauxbots will not stop for a minute. They dig and pick until finally, four days later someone has to tell them to shut up. They have no problem deliberately disrupting a fine meal with their ignorant comments and actions.

The funny thing is that these 'anti-socialists' are the first people to want to travel in a pack so that the mechanics in the group can help with repairs if they break down. They are the first to use the antifreeze that the socialist packed in case of an emergency. Always gripe, never a solution.

Always follow... never lead!

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