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Member since: Fri Apr 29, 2005, 01:32 AM
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Thank you Keith Olbermann.

For years Keith kept us informed and alert to what was happening in our country and around the globe. As a result, last night Rachel was unable to come up with information that I had not heard before. Thank you Keith for being there at that time and place. From the Iraq war to the stolen election in Ohio you were there.

I will never forget coming in from a cold December demonstration on the State House steps in Columbus, Ohio after the election was stolen, to find that Olbermann was the only media source to cover the committed actions of a select group of Ohioans. We stood where all Americans should have been. Thank you, Keith for being there.

Last night after watching Rachel, a flood of memory came back. The pain of witnessing first hand the acts of warmongers, killing in my name and the name of my country. Thank you Rachel for encapsulating so much information about this crime, a crime so large that it is impossible to attach every detail. Anthrax and lost scientists among many other details will be left for another day.

And thank you for introducing us to Rachel. She is a bright spot in a dark place!
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