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Profile Information

Name: Carol
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: Northern California
Home country: USA
Current location: Office chair
Member since: Sun May 15, 2005, 02:28 PM
Number of posts: 32,324

About Me

I joined DU following the election melt down that produced the second George the Lesser Term of Office. I am outraged by war, by out-sourcing of jobs, by Corporate control of both parties, and enheartened by my fellow citizens who are bravely part of "Occupy!"

Journal Archives

Very decent Video about reasons for the Occupy movement

by Lalo Alcaraz:


What extension will a "screen shot" possess?

I am using Windows XP, and I made several screenshots tonight.

How do I find them? I wasn't offered a chance to name the screenshot. My only way of locating them is through the extension.

Is there any quick way to view past Wallpaper files?

I use a Windows XP machine.

Often I get tired of whatever I am using as Wallpaper, and blithely go and find some other beautiful thing to use as background.

Then after a month or two, I msis the old one.

I know most of these files are either Jpg or bmp, but often what I use doesn't have a name.

In real life (or digital life, anyway) it might be "Grand Canyon at sunset." Except its given computer "name" is something like "DSC43567juythg31.bmp"

So there wouldn't be any way to use the search feature to find my former wallpaper stuff. I simply have too many bmps and jpegs and it would take hours to find the "Grand Canyon at sunset."

Any ideas appreciated.

Cadmium link to Breast Cancer now established:

I was just reading the article over at Huffington -


From the article itself <snip>

In the new study, published Thursday in the journal Cancer Research, researchers from the Karolinksa Institute in Sweden analyzed data from nearly 56,000 women who answered questionnaires about their food consumption.

Relying on national estimates of the cadmium levels in various foods, the researchers determined that one-third of the women with the highest cadmium intake were 21 percent more likely to develop breast cancer than the one-third with the lowest intake.

Cadmium is present in many farm fertilizers, and also can enter food sources through the atmosphere. The highest concentrations, the study says, are found in shellfish and offal products -- foods like liver and tripe. It may also be present in cereals, potatoes, root crops and vegetables.

Scientists come up with proof of the fracking causing the

Earthquakes in Ohio.

i read about it over at Daily Kos:


What good it will do I don't know. The state of Ohio has very strict and decent laws to protect the environment. And although normally those regulations would impede the fracking now that the science is clear, the 2005 Energy Act that Dick Cheney has "bestowed" upon the American people might force those regulations to be pushed aside.

So what's the deal with Febreze? Risky or safe?

Just from poking around on "google," I found more than 2 dozen sites where asthmatics complain about Febreze. I know I can't tolerate it. I know my mom's neighbor used towels heavily dosed with Febreze to wash off the drool of her beautiful Newfoundland dogs, and the dogs always ended up dying in ways that vets couldn't explain: entire body systems would suddenly shut down, including the desire to eat and the ability to pee and poop. (Which is how poisons work, folks!)

But here is a site that has information from the Environmental Working Group about Febreze. Apparently there are eighty seven separate noxious chemicals and none of them sound too helathy.

Also note that at one point, Time Magazine managed to overlook these chemicals and instead mention to its large audience of readers that the National Defense Council had found less pthalates in Febreze than in many other household products. Talk about a nice spin on a dangerous product.

As a society, we will probably not have much TRUTH about these types of products, as our news media is controlled by its station and corporate chain owners, all of whom salivate over the earning they receive from the advertising monies that Proctor and Gamble and other companies shower on them. Like our previous fight with Big Tobacco, I don't think the public will become aware of the dangers of these products until the ad money is cut off.

Her eis the article I am referencing"

1] Denatured Alcohol, aka methylated spirits. This is ethanol mixed
with a poisonous additive that makes the alcohol unable to be con-
consumed without very ill effects. Originally, it was 10% methanol
(CH3OH.) Today, denatured alcohol might contain methyl ethyl
ketone, acetone, methyl isobutyl ketone, or denatonium benzoate.
Protector and Gamble's people think nothing of you spraying this
in a home of pets, children, and asthmatics.

2] Acetaldehyde. Refer to: Airway obstruction induced by in-
haled acetaldehyde in asthma.


3] Alpha-pinene. It's a confirmed allergen. See: Gas chromatogra-
phy: an investigative tool in multiple allergies to essential


4] Benzaldehyde.


8] Benzyl Acetate. Produces respiratory tract irritation. Continued.
exposure to ambient levels of this compound at 50 parts per million
will cause kidney damage. Cats have died from this, at 180 parts
per million.


In terms of number eight - the article mentions a Univ of Calif. study that finds evidence linking Benzyl Acetate to pancreatic cancer. The article lists another 79 various chems we don't need in our body. Remember, often, whoever in the home does the housecleaning is not simply using Febreze on house cleaning day. but also furniture polishes, oven cleaners and bug sprays. And then people wonder why our cancer rates are sky high!

The World Health Organization mentioned over a decade ago that most air fresheners and air "sanitizers" contain either ethers, benzene or formaldehyde. And since companies use products they sell us as a way to "dump' chemicals they should sending off to a Super Fund site, essentially getting us to pay to consume their trash products, I didn't find that surprising in the least.

Oh and the fact that bad arguments are made in terms of

Bradley Manning and Assange's defense doesn't mean that good arguments aren't out there.

The best argument for both these men is that since our news organizations have sold us out, the public must rely more and more on Whistleblowers. And that once that is the case, then the Whistleblowers need to be offered the same relief that a news media is offered under our guarantee of a "free press."

As someone who is following not only the Manning and Assange case,

I should point out I have also followed Ellsberg's case from back in the seventies.

You might try and rent the documentary - "The Most Dangerous Man In America."

One striking difference between the early seventies and now, is that right now the NYT is owned by the Corporate Elite. While in the seventies, it was still a news organization.

And as someone who is following whistle blower Tom Drake, it was interesting to see him applaud Manning.

If we don't applaud those who are attempting to warn us American citizens of our "democratic" government's "usual activity" we will be more easily led down the same path that the German People were led down in the thirties.

I want to say that my hat is off to any and all who helped

Get a settlement for the students bullied in the Anoka-Hennepin School district in Minnesota.

two references I have read:
per the settlement

reference to the actual school board KKK-ishness:
by Sabrina Rubin Erdely

Anyone have any idea how the Giants will do this year?

I have my fingers crossed.

And I don't need to be told how the Cubs will do - they will do great right up till the last minute. (Chi town is my home town, and I still have dreams I am at a World Series game with fellow Cub fans.)
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