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truedelphi's Journal
truedelphi's Journal
September 21, 2012

"Legit" and big local media stalls in reporting on MN

ALEC voter restrictions. These restrictions will prove costly and possibly impossible to enforce.

One edit: Seriously how will any small community of less than six thousand people be able to come up with $ 720,00 ? Especially in this economy...

Where is the Democratic leadership on this? Why does Dem leadership continually have their heads in the sand? I have been thinking "collusionary" for many years now.

Read this and weep:


September 19, 2012

Washington State - its Supreme Court states that foreclosures are to be banned

If they occur under MERS -- this is a significant ruling.

Remember, during the Great Depression, 35 states forbade the foreclosure on the primary residence of any individual or family. If only our modern day state legislatures were not owned by the Big Financial Firms.

I expect the case will be appealed to the SCOTUS, where our ever loving corporate-owned judicial members (of both parties) will overturn said ruling.

But let's rejoice in this just a little today:


September 17, 2012

Merrill Brokers get award - judge vacates objections from BoA

This is not good news for Bank of America. Merrill Lynch brokers legally entitled to get their 10 million bucks, for their severance bennies from the firm when it was acquired by BoA. WIth the decision being in favor of the two brokers, other Merrill brokers will be going forward with insisting that BoA pony up.

And of course, BoA is on the hook for the lawsuits as well. Only relief is when the statues of limitations come into play - which could be a full six years from the date of acquisition.


September 7, 2012

Darth Vader, Math heads upset Einstein's field theory.

New calculations relating to dark matter brought by a Chinese mathematician and a UI mathematician adjust science's Big Old Relativity Equation.

But what will physicists say about all this?


From the article:

Wang said negative energy produces attraction while the positive energy produces a repelling force fundamentally different from the four forces -- gravity, electromagnetism, the weak interaction and the strong interaction -- recognized in physics today.
"Most importantly, this new energy and the new field equations offer a unified theory for both dark energy and dark matter, which until now have been considered as two totally different beasts sharing only 'dark' in name," he said. "Both dark matter and dark energy can now be represented by the sum of the new scalar potential energy density and the coupling energy between the energy-momentum tensor and the scalar potential field."
The negative part of this sum represents the dark matter, which produces attraction, and the positive part represents the dark energy, which drives the acceleration of expanding galaxies, he said.
"In a nutshell, we believe that new gravity theory will change our view on energy, gravitational interactions, and the structure and formation of our universe," Wang said.

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