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flying_wahini's Journal
flying_wahini's Journal
June 24, 2023

Go and check out Google Maps and Moscow if you want to see where the troops are! Wow.

Live feed courtesy of the people in Russia. So cool.

June 23, 2023

My best Gardening tip

People often ask me for Gardening tips. Here’s one:

When weeding, the best way to make sure you are removing a weed and not a valuable plant is to pull on it.
If it comes out of the ground easily, it is a valuable plant.

June 22, 2023

If this keeps happening Gov Abbott may find himself without a job.


A weather windstorm toppled a light pole across I-45 south Dallas to Houston.
My friends were stranded in standstill traffic for over 5 hours yesterday, with
Miles and miles of cars stuck on the freeway.
As they got to Centerville and thru Huntsville they said all these towns had
NO POWER FOR Several hours. Still many areas still without power this morning.

It was HOT a yesterday and having NO power for hours is not going to go down well in
Gov Hot Wheels country.


June 21, 2023

So can we call him Elite-oh now?

He must be an insufferable asshole.

June 18, 2023

A little joke for you....

So let’s say you have to choose between the love of your life
A credit card with unlimited credit that is paid off every month.
Which one would you choose?
Mastercard or Visa?

June 17, 2023

Vintage vault from DU will get ur B/P up. Sharpen ur memory of the Dark years w/tfg

There's absolutely no evidence out there that Trump colluded with the Russians

1) Except the, ‘Russia, if you’re listening, thing.

2) and the Manafort thing,

3) and the Flynn thing,

4) and the Papadopoulos pleading guilty thing,

5) and the Roger Stone thing,

6) and the Cohen thing,

7) and the Kushner thing,

8) and the Carter Page thing,

9) and the Jeff Sessions things,

10) and the Wilbur Ross thing,

11) and the JD Gordon thing,

12) and the Erik Prince thing,

13) and the James Comey firing thing,

14) and the Russian hacking/Wikileaks thing,

15) and the bro-love between TrumpPutin thing,

16) and the Russian propaganda machine favoring Trump thing,

17) and the DJT "I have zero ties to Russia!" thing,

18) and the Eric Trump "we get most of our financing from Russian banks thing",

19) and the Donald Trump Jr. "Our portfolio is made up of a disproportionate amount of Russian money" thing,

20) and the DJT "I sold a $60 million mansion to a Russian oligarch known for money laundering for $120 million that he never once lived in" thing,

21) and the Trump business ties with Putin's favorite sports athlete Fedor Emilianenko thing,

22) and the Trump International Corporation's mysterious private server connection to Alfa Bank, Russia's largest commercial bank thing,

23) and the Special prosecutor being named thing,

24) and the I won't release my tax returns thing,

25) and the Ivanka Trump's vacationing with Putin's girlfriend thing,

26) and the 2013 Miss Universe Pageant in Moscow thing,

27) and the Trump companies business ties to Felix Sater, a criminal felon indicted for stock fraud scheme with the Russian mafia thing,

28) and the FL Group Icelandic hedge fund with massive ties to Putin being heavily invested in Trump Soho thing,

29) and the Rex Tillerson/Exxon ties to Russia thing,

30) and the Russian ambassador at Trump Tower sneaking in and out thing,

31) and the Trump tried to roll back Russian sanctions the minute he got elected thing.

32) Other than that, there's absolutely no reason to suspect anything.

Wait there’s more,

33) And the money laundering thing.

34) And the sex hush moneythe minute he got elected thing.

32) Other than that, there's absolutely no reason to suspect anything.

Wait there’s more,

33) And the money laundering thing.

34) And the sex hush money payoffs thing.

35) And the signing of the proposal for Trump Hotel Moscow thing.

36) And the meetings in the White House with Russians thing

37) And the firing of Sally Yates thing.

38) And the hacked States voting thing.

39) and the meeting with the Russian lawyer about “adoption” thing.

40) And then the lying about it with a statement crafted by the White House thing.

41) And the Deripaska sanctioned yet entering the USA on a diplomats visa thing.

42) And the changing the GOP platform on Ukraine to be more favorable to Russia thing.

43) And, the ‘mother’ of all things: not implementing sanctions which passed the Senate 98-2 and House 419-3 in violation of the Take Care Clause (Article 2, Section 3) thing.

44) And the Russian banker giving money to NRA to support Trump thing

45) And the Russian intelligence is now peddling a fake Trump tape to sow new chaos in American political discourse thing.

46) And the David Bogatin buying Trump properties for over $6mil with no verifiable income and tied to Semion Mogilvich, who is so successful at money laundering he gets the name "The Brainy Don" thing.

47) And the Trump Taj Mahal being fined $10 mil for not adhering to money laundering laws thing.

48) And the Rudy Giuliani thing.

49) And the "sanctioned heads of all 3 Russian intelligence agencies allowed into US to secretly meet with CIA director Pompeo and DNI Coats, days before Trump blew off sanctions" thing.

50) And Misha Flynn's "US-Russia nuclear proliferation in the Middle East" thing.

51) And the, ‘I love Wikileaks’ thing.

And the, ‘Rusher’ Lester Holt interview thing.

52) And the, Jeff Sessions, I didn’t meet with any Russians, but he did, thing.

53) and the Russians at the National Prayer Service thing

54) and the Felix Sater thing

55) The Kilimnik thing.

56) And the Simon Kukes thing.

57) And the yucking it up with Russians in the Oval Office after firing ‘nut-job’ Comey, and thinking it was over, thing.

57) And the wild-eyed Devin Nunes bogus memo run, but the Conservative FBI is somehow the problem, thing.

58) And the Rob Goldstone talking to Mueller thing.

59) And the Gates, in negotiations with Mueller without his lawyers, thing.

60) And the Bannon won’t talk to Congress, but is going to talk to Mueller thing.

61) And the meetings with Putin without an American recorder present thing.

62) And the defending of Putin when O’Reilly calls him a killer thing.

63)And the “Won’t release White House visitor logs” thing.

And the "Don't keep visitor logs at Mar-A-Lago" thing.

64) And the Kushner asking for a direct line to the Kremlin at the Russian Embassy thing.

65) And the “Putin and I discussed forming an impenetrable Cyber Security unit so that election hacking, and many other negative things, will be guarded and safe” tweet thing.

66) And the Deutsche Bank records thing.

67) And the House majority leader, McCarthy says to colleagues in 2016: ‘I think Putin pays’ Trump and Ryan says “No leaks. .?.?. This is how we know we're a real family here." thing.

68) And the firing of Preet Bharara thing.

69) And the Russians getting a “no bid” contract to build our embassy there-so they can assure electronic surveillance

is embedded carefully-thing.

70) And the attempt to discredit a career spy, held in high regard in the intel community, to discredit the dossier thing.

71) And the revealing of sensitive material about Syria/ISIS to the Russians thing.

72) And the refusal to release the Democrats’ memo, cleared by intel agencies on security grounds, after releasing the ‘flagged’ Republican memo, thing.

73) And the Roman Abramovich, Russian steel owner (with whom Kushner met with several times according to his *revised* security clearance application) has docked his ship off the shore of Florida, when Trump was at Mar-a-Largo, thing.

74) And Americans keep learning about Putin-Trump conversations from the Kremlin (Putin said he and Trump “spoke about the Palestinian-Israeli settlement.” on the phone today. No readout yet from White House) thing.

75) And for the 8th time Kremlin (not the Administration) told us Trump spoke with Putin by phone thing.

AND we learned that Putin told Palestine that Trump told him he could negotiate on America's behalf, thing.

76) And the Trump takes two abandoned 747s off of Aeroflot's hands for the next Air Force One, relieving the Kremlin of its $750 million obligation to Boeing thing.

77) And the German Woman at the Center of the Manafort Case with Russian contacts who may have serve as the strawman for illegal lobbying in the United States thing.

78) And the Russians giving the NRA money thing.

79) And releasing the Nunes memo thing.

80) And the refusing to release the Democrats rebuttal memo thing.

81) And the trying to discredit the FBI thing.

82) And the forcing McCabe out thing.

83) And the ‘my lawyers won’t let me testify’ thing.

84) And the ‘my taxes are under audit so I can’t release them’ thing.

85) And the Alex van der Zwaan lying to prosecutors about a conversation with Rick Gates thing.

86) And the charges against Richard Pinedo in exchange for cooperating thing.

87) And now Mueller is investigating Manafort for promising Calk a WH job in exchange for a $16M personal loan thing.

88) And the per NBC, Trump has told friends he'd be in trouble if Paul Manafort "flipped" on him thing.

89) And the Kushner Security Clearance being held up by the Mueller Investigation thing.

90) And the Dem memo that confirmed that both the F.B.I. and D.O.J. made extensive showings to justify all four FISA requests thing.

91) And the son-in-law had to have his security clearance removed thing.

92) And the China, UAE, Israel, and Mexico plotting how to manipulate the son-in-law thing.

93) And the Hope Hicks refusing to answer the questions of the Intelligence Committee thing.

94) And the Roger Stone lying to Congress about WikiLeaks thing.

95) And the 20 Gates indictments dropped by Mueller for cooperating thing.

96) And the changing the Republican platform thing.

97) And the not authorizing NSA to do *anything* to prevent hacking of Midterm Elections thing.

98) And the Hope Hicks’ ‘White Lies’ and quits thing.

99) And the Kushner gets his Security Clearance downgraded because he dealt with Russia thing.

100) And the Nunberg decides to comply-after he adamantly wasn’t gonna comply-to the Mueller subpoena thing.

101) And the Kremlin wanted Tillerson instead of Romney thing,

102) And the Trump’s demand for a Kremlinesque Military Parade thing.

103) And the George Nader (UAE foreign agent) thing.

104) And the Trump asking witnesses what they discussed with Mueller thing.

105) And the firing of Tillerson thing.

106) And the vindictive firing of McCabe thing.

107) And the congratulating Putin for ‘winning’ a sham election after Putin poisoned and framed his opponent thing.

108) And the alleged mobster Felix Sater ‘told family he knows he and POTUS are going to prison’ thing.

109) And the Trump Fundraiser, Elliott Brody’s offer to help lift sanctions on Russian Firms thing.

110) And the Corallo attorneys couldn’t represent Trump due to conflicts of interest thing.

111) And the Rick Gates contact with Alex van der Zwaan (an associate of Paul Manafort with ties to the Russian intelligence service, GRU) in 2016 thing.

112) And the Malloch being served with a subpoena to appear before the grand jury thing.

113) And The Kremlin revealed that Trump proposed inviting Putin to DC during the March 20th phone call thing.

Reminder: there was zero mention of the Russian nerve agent attack on British soil nor any warnings to Russia to stop attacking our infrastructure thing.

114) And the Attorney Alex van der Zwaan sentenced to 30 days in prison for lying to investigators who were looking into Trump campaign chairman, Paul Manafort thing.

115) And the Cohen got raided by the FBI thing.

116) And the Dana Boente’s handwritten notes after talking to James Comey thing.

117) And the Trump's personal lawyer was working out of the Squire, Patton & Boggs law offices, who just HAPPEN to be lawyers for Cambridge Analytica, AND are main lobbyists for Russia's Gazprom oil company thing.

118) And the letting Bolton in the White House without security clearance.

119) And the Trump asking Comey to consider investigating the "pee tape" allegations in order to "reassure Melania" that they were untrue thing.

120) And the Cohen lied about going to Prague in the summer of 2016 thing.

121) And the back channel assurance to the Kremlin there would be no new sanctions thing

June 1, 2023

She puts together how the GOP is corrupting politics in Texas and exactly HOW they do it.

The GOP has a plan for America and it doesn’t include voting.

This is one hell of a video and worth your time.


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