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flying_wahini's Journal
flying_wahini's Journal
September 10, 2023

Passengers and workers packed their bags that they would never open.

So hard to believe 9/11 was 22 years ago tomorrow.

Passengers and others went about packing their bags that they would never open. Slept in their own beds with their loved ones. First responders thought it was going to be an ordinary day.

I was working for American Airlines as a flight attendant at the time. I spent the day before flying in/out of NYC, and was on a runway in LA racing down the runway when the pilot stopped dead cold on the runway. He called me up and told me the FAA had grounded us. Didn’t know why.
(I suspect he did )Just so happened that the Pres Crandall of AA’s secretary was flying first class and waved me over to tell me about a ‘hijacking’. When we returned to the gate we were just learning it about from passengers. I was dragging my bag into the terminal when I saw people clustered around the TV’s. It’s putting it mildly to say I was nerved wrecked for days. My sister came and got me (she lived nearby) and it took me 11 days to get home from there.

Take a moment to tell your loved ones how much they mean to you.
Thank people who cross your lives.
This IS the finish line.
May all the people who died RIP and so many heart broken people affected by it find some peace.

September 5, 2023

Great country(Ours) has a great song now



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