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Best organizations for promoting women's rights via US law?

Just wondering who you all think are the best organizations - best as in most strategic and effective - in organizing women and protecting women's rights, particularly those rights which enable a woman to determine her own life course. Obviously reproductive rights would be huge, but it would also include access to employment, education, health care and other services.

I am interested in what organizations focus on these issues. I think I'm most interested in those that work politically to defeat the most heinous candidates and elect the most decent. But it would be interesting if there were also something like SPLC for women, that focuses primarily on pursuing legal action in women's rights' cases. (For anyone who doesn't know, SPLC - Southern Poverty Law Center - prosecutes a lot of hate crime cases, in addition to doing a lot of other work to fight bias discrimination.)

I'm guessing NOW would be near the top of the list. How effective do you think NOW is? (how is it that bills are getting passes to drag us back to the dark ages?) Are there other organizations?

Komen pro-death* VP promised to defund Planned Parenthood


As I wrote earlier, the Race for the Cure has decided to stop funding breast exams at Planned Parenthood clinics after pressure from religious right anti-abortion activists and Republican House members. Is it a coincidence that the Race for the Cure new senior vice president is a Republican anti-abortion activist?

2010: Georgia's Republican Secretary of State Karen Handel runs for governor on a platform of defunding Planned Parenthood.

2011: Republican politico and anti-choice activist Handel is hired by Susan G. Komen for the Cure, an organization that runs the annual breast cancer fundraiser "Race for the Cure," and that gives hundreds of thousands of dollars to Planned Parenthood to conduct breast exams on women around the country

2012: Komen stops funding Planned Parenthood's breast exams after pressure from who? Republicans!

It makes one wonder whether Karen Handel had a hand in accomplishing, as the senior VP at Komen, what she couldn't accomplish as a Georgia Republican anti-abortion activist - defunding Planned Parenthood.

More on Komen's new Republican senior VP:

.... (go to the link!)

* yes I changed the title. so-called "pro-life" is really pro-death: THEY PREFER THAT WOMEN DIE. They care about the idea of 'an innocent baby' (even when it's a clump of 4 cells) but when it comes to the already born, living woman, they insist that a WOMAN MUST GIVE HER LIFE - even to bear A RAPIST'S BABY.

"Pro-life" is the biggest misnomer in the lexicon. They are really PRO DEATH. It's time we called them on it. And stop giving to parasitic, so-called "charities" like Komen - give to the organizations that actually care for the people who need it. Planned Parenthood if that's your thing, or even a local food bank - far better than supporting the right wing scum that run Komen.
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