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Just badged VA cop killed on first day, responding to domestic dispute

This is such a tragic story I wanted to post it. There is no racial factor in this story that has been revealed so far. I'm just posting this as a counterbalance to all the posts about how evil the cops are. Not every situation is a cop beating up or killing someone who didn't do anything (or much) wrong.

I'm as virulently opposed to the a*hole cops in situations like Eric Garner and Tamir Rice and Freddy Gray and .... as anybody.

But at the same time I support the cops who are out there behaving decently (at least according to how they've been trained and ordered) and just trying to do a difficult job that we all need done, whether we admit it or not. Sometimes a situation where the cops acted badly, is really a combination of a series of bad decisions based on inadequate training, poor leadership culture, and dealing with a stressful situation that could very well end up like this one. That doesn't mean that the problem cops shouldn't be brought to justice and/or retrained ... just that we should be aware of the many factors that might be in play, particularly when cops respond to domestic calls.

My thoughts go out to the family of this woman, the family of the original apparent victim of the abuser, and the other officers wounded in the incident.


WOODBRIDGE, Va. - A Virginia police officer's first day back on the job ended in tragedy as she was shot and killed Saturday just after being sworn in, and two of her colleagues were wounded in a confrontation stemming from a call about an argument.

A county leader said a civilian woman was also killed in the domestic dispute.

Officers received a call around 5:30 Saturday evening in Woodbridge, about 30 miles southwest of the nation's capital, about a "verbal argument," Sgt. Jonathan Perok, spokesman of the Prince William County Police Department, said. It's not clear how the altercation between the suspect and police began but the suspect, a military serviceman, is in custody and was not injured, he said. The condition of the other two officers is not known.


Another woman was killed in the domestic call and was dead before police arrived, Stewart said, but police declined to confirm that information. Stewart also said there was a child in the house during the incident who was not harmed.

Neighbors told CBS affiliate WUSA in Washington, D.C., that a violent scene unfolded as cops showed up.


The shooting occurred in the Lake Ridge neighborhood, on a curving street with $500,000 suburban houses with brick and siding exteriors, manicured lawns and two-car garages about a five-minute drive from the county office building.


US blocks India’s solar power plan


February 26, 2016, by Alex Kirby

LONDON, 27 February, 2016 – India has been told that it cannot go ahead as planned with its ambitious plan for a huge expansion of its renewable energy sector, because it seeks to provide work for Indian people. The case against India was brought by the US.

The ruling, by the World Trade Organisation (WTO), says India’s National Solar Mission − which would create local jobs, while bringing electricity to millions of people − must be changed because it includes a domestic content clause requiring part of the solar cells to be produced nationally.

Just super.

Charlie Pierce: "Ted Cruz couldn't win a personality contest against a wolverine"

or words to that effect.

On Chris Hayes' show just now.

Love me some Charlie Pierce.
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