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Member since: Thu Jul 14, 2005, 12:04 PM
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I didn't say anything you just stated

So try again.

The discussion in this particular thread was "was Stalin a bad guy or not," anything else is an assumption made by you.

The problem with the entire series is that Stone downplays all the bad of everyone else, and plays up all the bad of America, instead of giving a more balanced view, which would be a thing called "the truth."

Just a lopsided continuation of shit.

or maybe

The family provided them with pictures so they could make a composite?

Maybe Humans grow in predictable ways so we can make age progression photos so we can put them on the backs of milk cartons?

Maybe the feds have been working on this stuff for years, and you didn't notice?

Maybe people older then 24 don't change much in 5 years, barring disease, so it's easier to do age progression?

Hair grows in predictable ways?

I know all these things are hard to conceive, but just have an open mind.
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