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Bay Boy

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Member since: Thu Jul 21, 2005, 01:43 PM
Number of posts: 1,689

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So these teachers who "aren't so particularly balanced"...

...are they like a ticking time bomb ready to go off at any time?

If so, what is preventing them from bringing a gun to school right now?


If you truly feel that way you should...

...pull your kids out of school RIGHT NOW!

Serious, if you have that little respect for teachers, you should start homeschooling your children.

Isn't it uncomfortable walking around with your panties in a bunch all day?

Ever since concealed carry started to spread around the country people (like you) have said that 'blood will run in the streets'. And all these years they've been wrong.

Only a small percentage of teachers will ever take advantage of the ability to carry concealed in school but that small percentage just might discourage the next whack-o from even considering a rampage at a school.

Along this line of thought...

...I occasionally talk to older women who are calling to have a furnace checked and I may say "I will have the tech call you back and let you know when he can be out there for you, what is your name?" And they sometimes reply "Jack Smith". It just leaves me scratching my head. I asked one woman "Do you want them to schedule it through your husband?" and her reply was "No, call me, he died ten years ago". I want to say "Then WTH did you say YOUR name was Jack Smith?"

Ken Braun: Banning guns will work as well as the war on drugs

The President says his assault weapons ban will bring safer streets. But how will criminalizing firearm ownership reduce gun violence any more effectively than the War on Drugs has cleansed the streets of drug trade violence?

With 300+ million private firearms in America - clearly a huge demand for the product - no sane person thinks a new law will cause a single bad guy to voluntarily give one up. Only the well-behaved will be disarmed.

I find his take on legalizing drugs the interesting part of this editorial and refreshing for him being a Republican

Instead, if you believe drug addiction will remain an isolated problem for tragic people, regardless of legal status, then there's no convincing reason to keep spending what a Harvard economist says will be just short of $1 trillion dollars more on the same failed policy over the next decade.

That's the damage to law-abiding taxpayers in law enforcement costs, prisons, and foregone tax revenue. And the result is the enrichment of wealthy gangsters who pay no taxes. We have taken a very destructive personal habit done by unfortunate people - drug addicts - and exploded it into an organized crime wave requiring a huge expansion of big government.

An explanation I heard was...

...the danger involved in the transferring of 3,000 from one pitching ship to another. I'm sure it was unpleasant to spend all that time on that powerless ship but it beats having someone fall into the ocean and possibly be crushed between 2 massive ships.

Can't it be a combination?

Human nature fueled by fear?

What did the video of the police dragging off people

have to do with the story?

Obama on the minimum wage

I heard an excerpt on the radio and I believe he said "Anyone working full time should be making more a living wage". I paraphrased that but the part about "full time" has me confused. Is he suggesting a two tiered system, one pay rate for full time employees and a lower one for part timers?

Also helpful is if you have someone that can

stash valuable items in the back for you to 'discover' on camera.
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