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Member since: Mon Aug 1, 2005, 06:24 PM
Number of posts: 13,570

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She is THROTTLING his CRAZY ass. He looks like a RAGING NUTBAG!

Hillary will TAKE TRUMP TO SCHOOL tomorrow night! (WATCH THIS)

I am very excited. She is BRILLIANT. She is VERY well prepared by the best possible debate prep team.

She will look presidential and BRILLIANT. And she will jab and jab and jab him.

Trump will try to be collected and scripted, but he won't be able to contain himself within the flurry of all those jabs plus questions that will need more than goofy soundbites for his minions. He will be OUT OF HIS LEAGUE, and his YUGE ego will make him snap. I can't wait.

See the following. Just a few minutes. Imagine Hillary is Adams and Trump is Hamilton. This is about what tomorrow night will look like.

"Trump has been going around the country doing a minstrel show in orange face."

This was from a recent guest on Lawrence O'Donnell. Too funny!

YouGov and NBC polls have Johnson at 5%. Does that turn back Lichtman's 3rd Party key?

Under Lichtman's model, you cut Johnson's current national polling in half. If he's below 5%, he is no 3rd party factor.

Two national polls now have Johnson at 5%. I bet on election night he get's less than 5%, and Jill Stein will be a blip on the screen.

If that happens, Lichtman's prediction goes down, and Hillary wins.

Hillary's goals: Show that Trump is INCOMPETENT, DANGEROUS, and a LIAR. And stay on OFFENSE.

Anyone who thinks you win a presidential debate by "ignoring" the opponent and hoping he will just "hurt himself" is SORELY mistaken, has no understanding at all of electoral politics, and especially doesn't understand Trump who is a first class bullshit artist.

Americans want STRENGTH in a leader. They don't want a jelly-spined weakling. She must project STRENGTH from beginning to end.

The psychology of Trump is that he is a mega-narcissistic spoiled brat liar who thinks he is the smartest man in the room. The narrative about Trump that our side has been been pushing and which is seen born out in the polls is that Americans doubt his qualifications and in find him to lack the temperament to be president. These narratives must be PUSHED HARD and COMPOUNDED. But the one area where we haven't hit him enough is his ENDLESS LIES because the media has refused to challenge him on those HUNDREDS of LIES. Hillary is brilliant and must find ways to super glue his LIES to him and destroy his credibility.

So every time he tries to bring up the emails, she fires back with, "I have released 55 thousand emails and 33 years of tax returns. Where are your tax returns Donald? What are you hiding? What are you afraid of? And don't hide behind an audit because you can release all the many years not under audit." Also, a lot of things like, "So you say you stopped being the leader of the birther movement in 2011. You know that is not true. You know you continued to voice doubts every year since and you refuse to apologize for it." Etc. Etc. Punch, punch, punch.

Also, super-glue him to Putin, the Russians, and attack him bigtime on using his foundation as a slush fund, and especially use that he bought a 6 foot painting of himself. That's a good one!

She has ENDLESS amounts of ammunition to prove to the nation and the world that Trump is OUT OF HIS DEPTH, DANGEROUS, and a total LIAR and FRAUDULENT CON MAN. She must trap him and box him right in, not let him off the hook, and make him and his mega ego SQUIRM.

I think she will. She is a masterful debater. She is brilliant. And she is TOUGH. She needs to go in for the jugular and knock him off script. Period.

ENOUGH of the handwringing, worrying, being "concerned" and all of that jelly-spined nonsense.

We have the SUPERIOR candidate.

SUPERIOR experience and intellect.

SUPERIOR policies.


SUPERIOR campaign team.

BRILLIANT, TOUGH, BATTLE HARDENED, and READY. She will take that useless bullshitter fucking AMATEUR Trump to school on Monday night. He's going to hobble away feeling like he's been run over by a fucking freight train. He's out of his league, period.

Poll obsessions, handwringing, worrying about this and that, dooming and glooming, debby downering, and all the rest.

Anyone doing that is wasting their time and energy. Plain and simple.

Be CONFIDENT. Act like a WINNER. Talk like a WINNER. If you get confronted by a Trump supporter, tell him or her that Trump is a pathological liar, fraud, and UNQUALIFIED con man who won't get near the White House. End of story.

And donate, knock on doors, make calls, write letters to the editor, put up signs and put on bumper stickers, and WIN the election.

Hillary must do three things at the first debate:

1) She must articulate a clearer narrative of why she wants to be president, and that should be easy. They are going to be talking national security and the economy. The narrative is, "I want to be president because my whole life has been about making the nation and the world a better place, especially for our children. This is a critical period in history, and I have the EXPERIENCE and ABILITY to lead this nation in building an economy that works for EVERYONE and to make sure that we are the safest, most powerful, and most respected nation in the world."

2) She must reintroduce herself both by looking presidential and by appearing "likeable" and "human." She must show her brilliance and professionalism while also appearing more "down to earth". She can do this by smiling occasionally, by relating some of her own life story, by talking about SPECIFIC PEOPLE who have been screwed over by Trump, talking about how her dad was a small business guy, by talking about small business owners she has met and how she wants to help them, by talking about her work for children, and by using specific examples of Americans who are GREAT RIGHT NOW. Trump is going to try to say America is in terrible shape. She needs to show how great we are right now and celebrate American greatness.

3) She must HUMILIATE DONALD TRUMP! She must show that he is, in fact, UNFIT FOR THE PRESIDENCY. Trump thinks he is the smartest guy in the room. His ego is out of control. You take him down by making him feel SMALL and INCOMPETENT and ATTACKING his business and national "credentials" which are his two strongest suits. It will drive him NUTS and CRACK him open. On offense she needs to HAMMER him on how he has outsourced jobs, bromanced Putin, alienated us from allies, FAILS TO SHOW HIS OWN TAX RETURNS, has STIFFED PEOPLE instead of paying them, has long and deep business ties to Russia, that he wants to double down on trickle down and give tax cuts to billionaires, etc. etc. When he answers with some dumb slogan or talking point, she needs to POUNCE and show that he has no command of facts, NO SUBSTANCE, etc. The line about how he said he knows more than the generals is a great one. Also how he has TRASHED the military, saying it is in horrible shape. On the economy, she needs to talk about how she wants disabled people to be part of the economy while he MOCKS disabled people. There will be MANY opportunities to dismantle him and make him look STUPID and OUT OF HIS DEPTH and to take apart his so-called "strengths" on the economy and on national security. He will be anticipating some attacks. She needs to blind side him too. SHE NEEDS TO MAKE HIM LOOK LIKE THE FRAUD HE IS, and that he does not have the temperament, experience, or skills for the job. Also, that he is in fact a DANGEROUS LOOSE CANNON who can not be trusted with the nuclear codes.

We have a GREAT candidate, we are AHEAD nationally, now get out there, celebrate her, and WIN !

What in the holy hell is this handwringing we see around here? For goodness sake, we have the MUCH better candidate, we are ahead nationally, ahead in FL, ahead in PA, and the media is finally waking up to the SLIMEBAG that Trump is. We have a debate in less than a week, and Hillary is going fillet that blowhard con man the likes he couldn't fucking begin to imagine. She will dismantle and humiliate that walking piece of dog shit like there is no tomorrow.

Now what we have to do is what Bernie and Elizabeth and Barack and Joe and Michelle and of course Tim and Hillary are telling us: Get the heck out there and CAMPAIGN. Do something. Do anything. Every little bit helps. Don't be a back bencher. Get out there and do something. (I have donated, phone called and lit dropped, and plan to put out signs and do a letter to the editor).

Anyone who cares about the future of this nation MUST vote for Hillary. No silly vote-wasting.

Jill Stein? A person ZERO qualifications. ZERO! Seriously? Or Johnson, a Libertarian right winger who waves the Libertarian flag held by the disgusting Grover Norquist who wants to "drown government in a bathtub". Seriously?

There is ONE and only ONE person who stands between the White House and the fraud, con man, liar, and diabolical racist menace who is Trump, and that is Hillary Clinton.

ANYONE, and I mean ANYONE, who claims to be "progressive" or a "Bernie Voter" who votes Stein or Johnson is a ridiculous zero-reality FOOL. Simple as that.

See Elizabeth Warren rip Trump right to bloody pieces yesterday. BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! YA!!!!!!

THIS IS WONDERFUL!!!! Start at about 14:30.

She calls him a "twisted bully" and a "SELFISH LOWLIFE" and much more. Oh, it is sooooooooooo wonderful!
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