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Member since: Mon Aug 1, 2005, 06:24 PM
Number of posts: 13,570

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Here is how you take down a Trump supporter:


1) If Trump wants to make America great again, why does he make his clothing brands in China and Mexico? If he's worth billions of dollars, why doesn't he do like others and make his clothes here in the USA?

2) Where are Trump's tax returns? Every presidential candidate in 40 years has released them, and don't hide behind a audit. He can release for all the years outside the audit period. Even Warren Buffet said he could release them. What is he afraid of? What is he hiding?

3) Why is Trump so cozy with Vladamir Putin? Are they having a Bromance? What would Reagan think of that?

4) If Trump wants to make America great AGAIN, then he thinks America is not great now. How come? Why does he think America is so bad now? Why do you think America is so bad? Please, I want to hear specifics.

HOLD THEIR FEET TO THE FIRE AND DON'T LET THEM OFF THE HOOK. Ask pointed questions and insist on specifics. Don't let them weasel. Watch the smoke come out of their ears and they will storm away. I've done it. It's wonderful. Case closed.

Trump will not be president, PERIOD. And here is why:

First, Hillary Clinton beats Trump on every single measure. She is prepared, thoughtful, and right on all the issues.

Trump is a pathological fraud and liar who on every single measure is fundamentally unfit for the job. Period.

Most importantly, we are ALL going to follow BERNIE and ELIZABETH WARREN'S example, and get out there and CAMPAIGN. That means send in a ten dollar donation. Do a lit drop. Make calls, even from home. Go door to door. Put out a lawn sign. Write a letter to the editor. Send emails, facebook messages, and talk to friends and family. It doesn't take much time or effort. Even just a little bit of time each week helps.

Just do something.

Personally, I have made many small donations and have been out there doing some lit drops and calls. I will do more. Every little bit, even half an hour a week of something, helps.

So get out there an WIN this election for Hillary and ALL Dems.

THANKS BERNIE! Stumping BIGTIME for Hillary in OH, on TV, and MUCH MORE TO COME. See Here:

Elizabeth Warren for Hillary LIVE now in OH. See here:


Hillary had a GREAT day today. Trump looked like SHIT.

Hillary's speeches were AWESOME. Trump and his kids looked like SHIT. He wouldn't answer the birther question.

He was called out for insulting the pastor of the African American church in Flint, MI.

His kids whined, ended interviews, and told racist jokes.

Things are going WELL folks. Just get out there and CAMPAIGN.

"Birtherism Reborn" (See CNN Link)

Here we go folks. Birther Don is Reborn! hahahahahahaha...


For those worried, concerned, and all the rest, please calm down and find the SPINE.

Good grief folks, it is many weeks until election day. Team Hillary has been registering millions of voters.

She is back and had a GREAT day today. AWESOME speeches in NC and in DC at the Hispanic Caucus event. Trump has been SLAMMED again with the re-birth of birtherism, insulting the pastor in Flint, and plenty more.

We haven't had one debate yet. Hillary will cream him.

Polls jitter around. The fundamentals are well with us. Just be STRONG and CONFIDENT, get out there, campaign, donate, and SLAM Trump at every single opportunity.

Hey Trump, just keep bashing Obama. He's at 58% national approval, so FUCK YOU!

And this fuckwad says he is reaching out to AA voters, this guy the fucking Birther In Chief. Oh, piss on him YUGE!

"Trump Releases Anti-Trump Ad" (See Ad)

What do you think?

See Link:


The plain reality behind so MUCH of Trump's support and GOP support in general.

Yes, there are a number of factors that play into voting decisions such as party loyalty, negative views of the opponent, etc. But let's be honest. A very large percentage of Trump/GOP supporters are angry white people, especially men, who simply resent the demographic and cultural power structure changes that have been occurring in recent decades and continue to occur.

Some 35% or more of the country is now made up of people of color. These groups have much more power than in the past. Women have much more power than in the past. The old orders are in decline and have been in decline for quite some time, and the election of Barack Obama really struck fear into the guards of the old order. This is why to this day so many of the old guard STILL believe that he is not even an American citizen.

And the GOP has been using race to divide Americans for decades. It was the "Southern Strategy" of Nixon, turning the old DixieCrats into Republicans because President Johnson supported the civil and voting rights acts. Ronald Reagan began a new era of Southern Strategy in his time. George HW Bush used the Willey Horton ad. Right wing talk radio and Fox News have race baited to no end. And then of course the Tea Party movement was mainly race-based and an angry response to Obama's election.

So Trump is just the next and most pronounced evolution of the GOP's racist, sexist, nativist, homophobic leanings. They can't escape it. Trump has hired Bannon of racist Breitbart News as his top guy. Trump has been endorsed and praised by white supremists like former Klan Grand Wizard David Duke. Trump has blatantly insulted people of color and women time and time again. And many of his supporters LOVE IT as they sport their confederate flags. It is just the plain TRUTH.

When Trump says he wants to "Make America Great Again," he is really saying that he wants to take America back to where white men are in charge with white women standing by their men, and all women, people of color, and the LGTB community stay in their "place".

Ask the next person you talk to about this issue this question: "If you are racist, sexist, or homophobic, who are you more likely to support, Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton, and BE HONEST?" There is only one possible answer, and we all know what it is.

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