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Member since: Mon Aug 1, 2005, 06:24 PM
Number of posts: 13,570

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Why the continued posts about Jill Stein? Piss on Jill Stein.

Jill Stein Jill Stein Jill Stein...bla bla bla. Who gives a flying shit about Jill Stein.

Does anyone actually think that Jeff Weaver and Team Bernie didn't have nasty email conversations?

Again, this is NOT to re-hash the primary. We are talking about the timely issue of the wikileaks matter.

I do and always liked Bernie in general and his passion on progressive issues, and I agree with him on much. He is focused on beating Trump as we all should be.

CONTEXT is very important. Weaver and Devine were very harsh with the DNC, especially after BERNIE's guy was found to have gotten into Hillary's database information. Bad blood arose between Weaver and the DNC administration over that, and that is OLD news.
Of course there would be negative comments from Wassserman and others. They don't like each other at all.

Do you think if we could listen to Weaver and Team Bernie's private conversations and read their private emails we wouldn't also find nasty things being said about Wasserman and the DNC?

On the whole, I am seeing the DNC remaining neutral and no "big conspiracy" of any kind at the DNC to undermine the Sanders campaign. There were a tiny number of communications out of THOUSANDS.

That said, I have long said that Wasserman stinks, should have been replaced long ago, and am now saying that anyone who sent the dumb email messages should go and action needs to be taken now to both make sure communications are better secured and that such dumb comments are not said, and that neutrality rules are strictly enforced. No argument there.

But as with so many things, there is much LESS here than some are purporting. MUCH less.

Stupid things SAID in leaked emails, but was anything actually DONE to undercut Sanders?

From everything I'm seeing, some DUMB things were said in emails, but was anything actually ever DONE to undercut Bernie Sanders at the DNC? I'm not seeing it. In fact, I am seeing exactly the opposite. I'm seeing people saying they were sticking to Wasserman's directive and in fact staying neutral.

I see no evidence that anyone at the DNC actually DID anything to undercut Bernie at least in any significant way. Now, when it was discovered that Bernie's people went after Hillary's data lists and the DNC then moved to penalize Bernie's campaign and all the screeching about that, everyone KNEW that Weaver and Wasserman couldn't stand each other and were having a war of words. Weaver, in fact, was being a real ASSHOLE through that episode and going way over the top attacking the DNC, suing, and all the rest. So any emails with Wasserman calling Weaver a "liar" and "ass" in that episode are not surprising at all, but again, that is no evidence that the DNC ever DID anything to actually favor Clinton over Sanders.

We are not here to re-do the primary, but we must also remember that Bernie was never a member of the party for his entire career, and many times earlier in his career he actually attacked the party saying it was basically just as bad as the Republican Party. Many inside the DNC PERSONALLY favored Hillary, and that is FINE. Everyone has a right to his or her PERSONAL view, as long as they stay PROFESSIONALLY neutral in their DNC duties. There was never any doubt that Wasserman, a longtime friend of Hillary, PERSONALLY preferred Hillary well BEFORE Bernie ever entered the race. But that does not mean she ever actually DID anything to undercut Bernie EVEN if she was very angry with him and his campaign over the database episode where Bernie's campaign was clearly in the WRONG.

All this said, I have always said that Wasserman on the whole STINKS as DNC chair, that she should have been replaced long ago, and they need to change the system for choosing a chair when we have the White House. The President should not appoint the Chair. The Chair should be chosen the same way as when we don't have the White House, with an election process. People in Congress need to focus on their constituents, not running the DNC.
Wassernman may be a good member of Congress, but her tenure at the DNC has mostly STUNK.

Now what they need to do is make a clear public statement on this, fire those who said these dumb things, make sure the tech work is done well to prevent hacking (which as I understand it is or has been done), get rid of Wasserman, and get changes implemented ASAP to make sure this doesn't happen again.

Again though, bottom line is no evidence showing DNC people actually DID anything to undercut, at least in any significant way, Bernie, and we had a fair primary season with a fair outcome. There is absolutely nothing I am seeing to contradict that.

There is no evidence there was any major campaign to undermine Sanders' campaign based on a very small number of email statements out of thousands.

Kaine is the VP pick and he's a damn good one! Case closed.

There has been "disappoint" and Debby Downerism all around here.

Kaine is the VP choice and damn good one. If he isn't pure enough, that's the way it goes. It is always ridiculous to make the perfect the enemy of the good.

Enough of the Debby Downerism. It's done. Embrace the GOOD and let's go beat Trumpenstein.

Countering Trumpenstein's dystopian view of America. In other words, the GOOD news.

Trumpenstein, aka The Right Wing Prince of Darkness, was all doom and gloom, appealing to fears as usual. Sure, we have problems. Always have. Always will. In fact, every society on the planet has its problems. But President Obama recently said, "We are not as divided as some think." That's just one piece of good news. There are so many.

* 75 months of job growth, about 15 million new jobs since the recession of 08, unemployment below 5%.
* Housing markets doing well, especially new housing starts.
* Auto industry doing very well.
* Much more clean energy use.
* Gas prices down considerably.
* FAR fewer troops in the Middle East.
* Annual budget deficit cut by two-thirds.
* Crime rates actually way DOWN overall.
* Race relations actually much BETTER certainly as compared to past decades.
* LGTB rights on the rise BIGTIME over the last several years.
* Women's rights and general race, ethnic, and gender inclusion expanded greatly compared to past decades.
* A very resilient and even successful American economy compared to so many others.
* 20 million more people with healthcare.
* Nuclear arms deal with Iran.
* Cuba opened.

I could go on. Again, sure, there are problems, in my view the most pressing being income inequality and student debt. These MUST be addressed. And it will be the Democrats and not Trumpenstein and the radical right wing RePukes who will address these problems in a meaningful way.

America IS a GREAT nation even with our problems. There is a lot of good news now and when viewed comparatively to past times. Does today's majority really want to go back to the 1950's? That is what Trumpenstein really means when he says he wants to Make American Great "Again".

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Hillary's first major decision, and it was a damn good one! And then, there's Trumpenstein...

We know she vetted many good candidates for the VP spot and was very thoughtful and deliberate in the process. In the end she made
a good and smart choice. Kaine is VERY well qualified and brings a lot to the table.

On the other hand we had Prince of Darkness hooting for Kristie Kreme up to the last minute but let his kids talk him into going with someone just as bad in Pence, an unpopular governor who has decimated public education in his state and wants to put a bible in every bathroom stall in Indiana. Pence is the Prince of Failed Trickle Down and Prince of Homophobia.

Clinton/Kaine or Trump/Pence? It's the ULTIMATE no-brainer.


Like Hillary he's extremely experienced, ready to be President at a moment's notice if needed, is popular and from a purple swing state,
brings gender balance, is a good campaigner who has won elections at every level, is brilliant, and speak fluent Spanish having a good rapport with the Hispanic community.


And just wait. He will pound the crud out of Donald The Prince Of Darkness and that rotten horrid THING they call Pence.

Yup. And BatShit Bachman is at the helm.

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