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Member since: Mon Aug 1, 2005, 06:24 PM
Number of posts: 13,570

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I am hearing that Trump just called Michelle Obama a "loser" and a "baby".

Just saw this in an email. Has this been reported here yet?

Can we please have no more posts with the names Stein and Johnson in them. They're irrelevant.

Stein and Johnson are totally irrelevant, and no one gives a flying fuck about them. So please, enough. (** After this one, of course. Hard to send the message without naming them.)

The Republicans are now shitting their collective pants.

Two and a half more weeks of a hard campaign, and let's bury Herr Trumpenfuhrer and the rest of the ASSHOLE RePUKElicans in electoral oblivion.

Clinton showed what a Democrat needs to be: God damned TOUGH!

What you saw tonight was one TOUGH grandmother! That is the Hillary I admire so much. She takes NO SHIT!

She SLAMMED that Orange Asshole tonight! It was wonderful to behold.

FDR, Harry Truman, Jack Kennedy, LBJ, Bill Clinton, Obama (in a particularly smooth way), and HILLARY knew/know how to take apart an opponent.

It is SO wonderful to see SPINE in action!

This great woman is beating the living SHIT out of this crazy asshole! YA!

Total meltdown and crazy conspiracy theories. HE IS NUTS!

Here come the INSANE conspiracy theories. HE IS NUTS!!

She is kicking ASS!

She it one TOUGH LADY! GO HILLARY! She's doing VERY well.

Hillary's strategy for the final debate should be...

1) Smile, be calm as usual, and be presidential.

2) Zing him with his disrespect of so many people, most especially women.

3) Zing him with his unfit temperament, further shown in recent days by his wholly extremely reckless claims of a "rigged election."

4) Bring out some "bait." Something that will make him seethe and he just won't be able to let go of.

5) She knows how to needle him and make him huff and puff. Do it.

6) *** Zing him HARD on not paying taxes, stiffing people out of their pay, and MAKING HIS PRODUCTS IN CHINA, etc. PIN him to the mat on that. Make him out to be the PHONY hypocrite that he is on economic issues.
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