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Member since: Mon Aug 1, 2005, 06:24 PM
Number of posts: 13,570

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The asshole questioned her sincerity about his children? What a fucking asshole!

Trump has said he is NOT dropping out. He has said is CLEARLY. Can we stop that moot point.

This talk about Trump dropping is waste of time. He has clearly said he isn't. So please, enough.

Trump is not NOT dropping out. He has said so. His ego won't let him. And even if he did, the GOP

would be completely TOAST anyhow. They would have to do a write-in because ballots are already out. States have printed ballots
already. Early voting is underway all over the place. It would annihilate the party brand and the Trump brand if he quit. They would not have time to field new candidates and put together the organization needed, etc. Imagine being a party so inept and dumb they would have to re-do their ticket at this very late stage.

Also, all the Trump minions would revolt because they would say their guy wasn't supported and the "establishment" forced him out.

Trump will be at the debate Sunday, and he will NOT drop out. Period.

So tell me GOP, how many Pu**ies did Jesus grab?

Donald Trump is the ultimate symptom of a completely morally bankrupt PARTY, the GOP. These disgusting degenerates lie constantly just like Pence did in the debate. They are owned by the corporations and do their bidding night and day. They are largely racist, selfish, and greedy. They have given us such "gems" as Palin, Ghomert, Bachman, Cruz, Brownback, LePage, and Trump.

They stand there and claim to love Jesus and then do things night and day that would make Jesus vomit.

They are pure HYPOCRITES. Period.

And come next month, we need to make it our mission in life to completely destroy them at the voting booth. Smash them to electoral smithereens all over the country. Turn this country a very deep blue. And then maybe, just maybe, there will finally be a wake up call for them. Their day of reckoning is upon them. Let's make that happen.

Major Maine Newspaper Strongly Endorses Hillary!

Check it out. It's a good one. http://bangordailynews.com/2016/10/07/opinion/editorials/hillary-clinton-has-the-vision-experience-and-temperament-to-serve-as-our-next-president/

Pence and Trump deserve each other. Both are PATHOLOGICAL LIARS.

Pence is a smooth talker and Kaine shouldn't have been so disruptive in the first half, but Pence just sat there and lied so blatantly it is enough to make a billy goat puke. Many in the papers and online are hammering him on it today. Pence, who is supposed to love god and Jesus, sure loves to break commandments, starting with bearing false witness. Typical LIAR RePUKE. Just like Trumpenstein.

"How do we know?" "How do we know?" "How do we know?" (This was a GREAT moment.)

Every time Pence claimed this or that about Trump's finances, Kaine replied, "How do we know?" More good ad fodder.

People want to see those tax returns. Kaine did very well on this point.

I think what will come out of this debate is: "Just call him DENIER MIKE!" :-)

Deny deny deny the provable. The fact checkers are going to have a field day with Pence. Lie lie lie. Deny deny deny. That's all Pence did. So SCORE for Kaine on making him defend the indefensible.

Pence is smoother than Kaine, I will give him that. But Kaine was more believable, and Denier Mike just denied denied denied.

Some good ads should come out of this.

I think Mika Brzezinski must be schizophrenic.

And I don't mean to make light of mental illness, so I am being a bit metaphorical there obviously.

But Mika one day will slay Trump. She says she's a Democrat. She has called him a fraud. She has slammed him on how he treats women. The next day she will shill for him. For her to equate Trump taking a loss of almost a billion dollars in one year and using tax laws in slick ways to avoid paying any income taxes for 18 years with Hillary taking speaking fees and paying taxes on that income is SICK and DISGUSTING.

Mika doesn't get it. Yes, what Trump did may be allowed by law but that isn't the point. The point is that he took a massive loss in a boom year destroying his narrative that he's some great businessman. But much worse, this scumbag that is Trump BRAGS about not paying taxes while the rest of us do and while he was still able to live high on the hog even though he nearly ran his business into the ground in boom times and then used tricks in the tax code which allowed him to declare the loss and not have to pay any federal taxes while the rest of us do.

That, Mika, is why this smells so bad to us. Now get off YOUR "high horse" and get your head out of your ASS and stop being schizoid and stop propping up Trump who is completely and obviously UNQUALIFIED for the job.

Hillary must take the trade issue away from Trump.

On the campaign trail and in the next debates, Hillary must take the trade issue away from Trump because folks especially in the heartland want manufacturing jobs. Period.

She has to clearly say she will not sign the TPP, will re-negotiate all trade deals to make them fairer, and will even use tariffs to level the playing field.

She has got to talk clearly about bringing back MANUFACTURING and penalizing companies that move to the third world. She has to talk about how it is better for companies to make things here because shipping costs are much less, and she can talk about other ways to encourage manufacturing here.

And she needs to talk BIGTIME about how Trump talks a big game but happily makes his ties, shirts, and furniture in China, Mexico, and Bangladesh and even has said he is happy to be able to employ people in those places.

This is a MUST.

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