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Profile Information

Gender: Female
Hometown: CA
Home country: USA
Current location: NC
Member since: Wed Aug 17, 2005, 02:29 AM
Number of posts: 23,757

About Me

I stand on the sand, and I'm rocking grief to sleep in my arms.

Journal Archives

what i want

i want to hit the greatest button from wherever i am. but at least from the home page eh?

sometimes i rec a thread

and it doesn't show that i rec'd it so i click again. sometimes it goes away and a tweet this button shows up in its place. i think in those cases it has unrec'd my rec. not sure if this is a glitch. my computer is not normally slow but sometimes it is.

what sucks

it's not enough that at least cain is gone and gingrich, perry and bachmann lost.
not a single one of them spells anything less than catastrophe for the country.

ok, may be a dumb question

but i must ask. i have never sent an alert on DU. are we supposed to alert when we identify a troll?

this is what i'm referring to:

and i did check his post count. 1.
so, advise please. thank you

it's 11 minutes til midnight

Merry Christmas DU!

something i love about DU3

the trash this thread option. i guess it was there in DU2 but i never, ever used it, and these days i'm getting so much CRAP off my view!
thanks guys.

i just checked the weather channel

here in raleigh NC two days before christmas. 5:20 am.
66 degrees on the way to a high of 63.
has that ever happened before here? this is my 5th christmas in NC and i just can't believe the weather.

can i have a picture instead of an avatar?

how? thank you.


i served on a jury and thought within a half hour i would learn the outcome of the process, but it hasn't happened. i'm at work! what's up? thanks


being able to rec any post in a thread not just the OP. i don't know how many times i've wanted to do that.
they do it at daily kos so i know it's possible.
feel free to move this if it's in the wrong place. still getting my bearings here.
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