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barbtries's Journal
barbtries's Journal
August 9, 2015

i got my Bernie sticker today.

But what i find i really want to put on my car is "the Democrat 2016"

when you can turn on Rachel Maddow and all you hear for all the time it's on (i watch on my computer so i can no longer see the entire show), all she talks about is republican nominees, you have to know that the corporate media is deeply engaged in making sure the american electorate considers the republicans a valid political party. they work day and night to make sure the people do not pay attention to the fact that each and every one of the republican candidates would be an unmitigated disaster for the country, and even the world.

i like hillary, i might like o'malley if i knew anything about him, and am supporting Bernie's campaign. I like Biden too, but overwhelmingly, what i can honestly say for myself is that the very thought of a republican taking the white house makes me shudder. i am in NC and as i recall Kucinich was already gone from the ballot the last time i got to vote in a primary. I think Biden was too and I may be mixing up 2008 and 2012 please forgive me if i am.

if bernie is gone, i am still going to vote and i am still going to vote for the democrat.

while i am on my soapbox, i just would like to add that i do not blame democrats in large part for the state of affairs. i blame the media and the oligarchy that runs the media. most people let's face it are running like crazy just trying to make a living and hoping to spend some quality time in between with their loved ones, and they take the news at face value. i am so much more politically engaged than any other member of my circle of loved ones. i just cannot unring that bell. and i have no power whatsoever over what is played on the evening news, not even on npr. it enrages me constantly.

that is all today. amazingly i'm here debating whether to post it because i really don't like being belittled and marginalized and on DU anymore that seems to be a huge trend. what democratic candidate is trying to defund planned parenthood, erase social security and medicaid and pretty much every safety net for the poor in this country, pandering to the NRA and their FUCKING INSANITY, on and on? ANY democrat stands head and shoulders above any republican on virtually every issue and is a better choice for the country.

August 4, 2015

is anyone else being tortured by AT&T?

all i have is phone and internet and for the past few months they have been FUCKING with me and my phone service.

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