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Profile Information

Gender: Female
Hometown: CA
Home country: USA
Current location: NC
Member since: Wed Aug 17, 2005, 01:29 AM
Number of posts: 25,330

About Me

I stand on the sand, and I'm rocking grief to sleep in my arms.

Journal Archives

I took 2 of my babies to work with me.

I worked in a small glass shop in the office. With my 2 youngest sons I was able to bring them to work, which was wonderful for saving money on child care and being able to nurse on demand. This was in 1983-84, and again in 1992. I've always been so grateful for the opportunity.

After about 7 months they were too mobile to make it work anymore, so they went to a sitter. But I am so happy I got that time with them.

Today's the day to put on your orange clothes

it's the anniversary of Columbine. I was holed up in a motel room because the night before I fled my home and an abusive boyfriend who had guns in the trunk of the car. Can't forget that day at all.


Can someone unpack this for me?

i've been getting the Federal Register daily since trump became president. every day i go into the email and search for "president" - today this is what i found.

is trump trying to disable and privatize the post office?


Barbara Bush

“Why should we hear about body bags and deaths? It’s not relevant. So why should I waste my beautiful mind on something like that?”

I'm hearing some sort of clarion call that we should all start grieving for this woman. Well she's in her 90s for one, and she didn't give a rat's ass about the people killed and maimed in her son's boondoggle that hasn't ended to this very day.

So, no. Just save it.

i don't know what's going to happen

that's the worst of it.

But I believe that soon we will learn whether we have turned from a nation of laws to a nation of men.


Make a comment on the fate of Confederate statues in Raleigh

my comment: "Take them out of the public square and put them in museums, with the TRUE history of how they came to be erected in the first place. When, by who, for what reason. It is not widely known that most of these statues were put up during Jim Crow and for the purpose of oppressing African Americans and making sure they never forgot their 2nd class status. Tell the whole story, but take down statues that glorify and gloss over a tragic and oppressive history."


If you agree please go let them know. I've no doubt many NC'ers still litigating the civil war will weigh in.

i recently got live tv from spectrum.

it gives me cnn, no fox (thank heavens) and no msnbc (thankful for youtube). My question to DUers who routinely watch cable tv a lot is, does CNN ever bring on democrats, or democrats without an opposing right wing talking head?

i was just watching Jake Tapper briefly, and first it was Jeff Flake and then Rand Paul, and then I'd had enough.

i can only take him for about 10-15 seconds

then i must turn him off. in 10 or 15 seconds he lied, obfuscated, and said he's happy about the house committee's total exoneration of trump and russia. which is fucking bullshit.

snow day. i thought i'd watch cnn for a sec. aargh

A proclamation?!

king trump has issued a proclamation. that's what they're calling it. a proclamation. has this ever happened before? it seems medieval, from a fairly tale, a proclamation from the king.

on cnn a moment ago.

for hours today

i've been watching Nancy Pelosi read the stories of DACA recipients. Many of these stories have brought me to tears. I cannot even last as long as she did sitting on my recliner and being able to push pause, use the restroom, run errands. I've jumped up the replay a couple times.

What is Ryan's rationale for refusing to do something about DACA? If nothing else, Pelosi has made the case that these Americans have earned and deserve the chance to be Americans.

oh, and I hate republicans. they suck.

you can browse through the over 8 hours of stories "for the record"


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