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Profile Information

Gender: Female
Hometown: CA
Home country: USA
Current location: NC
Member since: Wed Aug 17, 2005, 01:29 AM
Number of posts: 27,089

About Me

I stand on the sand, and I'm rocking grief to sleep in my arms.

Journal Archives

every time Mike Barnacle says "both"

that's the end of watching morning joe. fuck that. it is not both sides you asshole.

i love Rachel BUT

i'm watching her show from last night and she just asked the same question something like 5 times in a row with slightly different words.

this particular rhetorical quirk of hers annoys the crap out of me. i heard you the first time!

am i the only one?

for reference: it was basically maybe the House should begin impeachment proceedings right away if it will hasten the collection of information and documents that trump is refusing to provide.

incidentally this is not a new pet peeve of mine. i actually wrote to her about it a few years ago but apparently my suggestion to stop doing that was filed in the trash.
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