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Member since: Wed Sep 7, 2005, 04:04 PM
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Sometimes, I hate how I am

Was supposed to watching a great firework display that my town puts on, on my parents hill. And I hear my dogs go off, and hear a cat rowl!!! Thinking it was my 7 yr old cat, I went to look. (We live on 2 acres, in the desert, and anything can happen. Only one outside cat, rest are inside, so don't attack!!!) I find a kitten, about 6 months old.

Her rib cage and hips are crushed. She got picked up by an owl. Can tell by the talon marks.

I'm still crying, even though it's been a couple of hours.

I ran a warm bath, cleaned her up. And I held her in the towel, letting her be warm and loved, while she passed. She passed right in my arms. My husband told me to put her down since she was clawing and biting at the towel, I told him no, she is fighting passing, and I would sush her, and just tall her to just cross that pretty bridge, you'll be very happier there.

Being empathic sucks!!! It's been 5 hrs since I found her, and 4 since she passed, and I'm still crying!!!!

Babies are 10 days old

Mama lets me hold all of them. All 6 have their eyes open already! Much better than the litter that her sister had. That one didn't open her eyes until almost 3 weeks. My favorite is the orange one. However every time I hold it, it pees on me!! My husband think I'm scaring the piss out of it. None of the others do it to me. I just think it's marking it's territory!!!

They are very alert!! Know my voice and start meowing, as if I'm Mama. Maybe that is because I help Mama with feeding. So loving this litter. It's going to be hard to get rid of them.

My fear has been hit with Spree

She's out of milk. I'm giving her the formula, along with which kittens that will let me feed them! Please keep us all in our prayers. I'll be up for a few hours yet.

If any woman is in the baby blues, please take on a litter of kittens, it'll not make you miss them at all!!! However, I will stay awake for all my babies. I'll help out my Spree the best that I can!!!

All 7 are still alive, however I can only feed one at a time. I just look for the skinny ones, and go for it. It's amazing that the calico's are the fattest ones. Though, I don't ignore them.

I'm a proud Mama

<a href=".html" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt=" photo 1797414_4227165494457_3693191052762217161_n.jpg"/></a>

16 and a High School Graduate!!!!

I've raised cats for a very long time.

This has been a first for me. The Mama cat has a stillborn, she know what to do. I have a Mama that had 3 kittens 2 weeks ago. Only 14 days old. I check on them multiple times a day.

I do not know why, however one passed away yesterday. 10 minutes after I checked on them. Something told me to check again, and it had crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. Of course I took it and tried so much to bring it back, however I was to late.

I buried it. I've been grieving. I cried for 3 hours. However, Mama is looking for it. You can talk to the Mama, tell her how sorry you are, that her baby just died. She is still looking for her baby. She is mourning, which makes me cry more. Searches for any scent that she can find, that was her baby.

For her, to look into my eyes, and know. I was the last person that she saw with her baby, and it is no longer there. However, trusts me to touch her other babies.

Cats love. Cats trust. Cats feel. They are just as human as we are.

I'm a married woman, and have 3 children. All born from me, so I know what it is like to be pregnant, and give birth to babies. However, for a Mama to trust you, so fully, to let you touch her remaining children, after one has passed and you were the one that took it away, is fucking amazing!!!!

Ok, for those who partake...

Which makes you




It's been yrs!! Part of a party quiz I'm taking.
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