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Profile Information

Name: Taylor Selseth
Gender: Male
Hometown: Ulen, MN
Home country: US
Current location: Moorhead, MN
Member since: Fri Nov 11, 2005, 10:42 PM
Number of posts: 53,521

Journal Archives

I found the perfect anthem for Occupy.

It's about a grassroots political movement during the English Civil War called the Diggers.

New Agers bashing "Materialism" get on my nerves.

On a current events & history message board I post on the resident New Ager & Astrologer started this thread and is driving me and several other posters crazy with his repetitive rants equating philosophical "Materialism" (Naturalism) with Economic "Materialism" (Consumerism and Corporate Capitalism). And he also spews a lot of "Quantum Theory disproves materialism" nonsense.

I can't believe perfectly intelligent people can believe such nonsense.

Adobe Flash Player not working.

For the last few days YouTube videos and other media that use Adobe Flash Player (like internet radio) have not been working, the media will not load. YouTube gives me the "An error occured, please try again later" message.

I use the latest version of FireFox and I have the latest version of Adobe Flash Player.

My old man finally found a job!

My dad is one of the sugar processing workers who have been locked out by American Crystal Sugar for a year now. He finally found a new job and it is even better than his old one. He will be working at a factory that makes parts for vehicles and machines. It's a unionized shop and offers excellent pay and benifits.

I'm surprised there are still mechanical parts factories still in this country, I would have thought they had all been outsourced!

The "centrists" running the Democratic Party are to blame for Walker's win.

Debbie Wasserman-Schultz needs to go, she is worse than useless.

Massive, Huge tree of life.

Click on the link for an easier-to-see image.



I'm reading on Jeff Master's Blog that the Hurricane Hunters may be finding minimal Cat1 surface winds.


Stay safe, Jacksonvillers, TS Beryl is about to hit you!

the WHO fucked up on the Swine Flu pandemic, and so it's a Big Pharma shill!

I was told this in a thread about the World Health Organization saying that "most radiation doses from Fukushima are within norms". Apparently the WHO is not to be trusted in anything just because a few people working for it were caught taking kickbacks from vaccine makers during the Swine Flu pandemic.

Of course the woo-woos already assume without question that the fears caused by the pandemic were manufactured by TPTB, even though it was scientists that were worried about it and sounded the alarm (of course they would say the scientists are all paid shills, too, LMAO).

Hello from Odin2005!

I've been a member since late 2005, but I've been a lurker since 2002.
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