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Profile Information

Name: Taylor Selseth
Gender: Male
Hometown: Ulen, MN
Home country: US
Current location: Moorhead, MN
Member since: Fri Nov 11, 2005, 10:42 PM
Number of posts: 53,521

Journal Archives

All the bashing of Rebecca Watson (Skepchick) is making me sick


She makes fun of Evo-Psych BS and she gets called a "Radical Feminist" with an anti-science Leftist agenda.

I can hardly visit that site anymore without drowning in Global Warming Denialist BS, and now this?

The 2nd Amendment is an anachronism.

The Founders were opposed to permanent standing armies because at the time they were associated with monarchical absolutism and instead expected state militias to do the job of defense, that is the context of the 2nd Amendment. It says people have a right to own weapons so they can serve in the militia need be. it has nothing to do with an absolute right to own guns.

The elementary school shooter is autistic?

I was just out to lunch and I overheard two woman talking about the shooting and I heard one of them saying she heard on the news that the shooter was "autistic or Asperger's", and then ranted off some ignorant statement about autistic people not having feelings.

Ugh, 89% of North Dakotans support fracking.

Saw this in a week-old local newspaper.

Stop this rock, I wanna get off...

"This building isn't Midtown Manor, it's MISFIT Manor!"

My resident manager said that to me tonight after chewing out the noisy idiots in the unit below mine!

We have a paid pro-fracking shill in GD


The jury let his BS go 2 to 4!

In many of the rape threads I an noticing a definite empathy deficit...

...by the posters who get angry thinking that they are being told that "all men are rapists".

As someone who is on the Autism spectrum it is a problem I have deal with every day. I am always having remind myself that just because I know I am not X does not mean OTHER people know that.

It is the same thing with women's reactions towards men in public. Men get offended and accuse women of "assuming they are rapists" when they are not, well those women the men are so offended by don't know that!

Woo and BS on history message boards

I have not found a world history message board that is not full of nationalist and ethnocentric hacks. The Macedonian nationalists that think Alexander the Great was a Slav. The Indian nationalists who think the Indo-European languages originated in India. The Turkish nationalists who think Etruscan or Minoan or Sumerian is related to Turkish. And they always type in poor English and have a penchant for ALL CAPS.

UGH, here in Fargo winter always seems to blow in on Thanksgiving.

It seems like almost every year we get our first lasting snow within 2 days of turkey day. Right now the wind is howling and the snow is coming down is huge wet clumps.

A periodic "table"

That bench looks radioactive...
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