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Name: Taylor Selseth
Gender: Male
Hometown: Ulen, MN
Home country: US
Current location: Moorhead, MN
Member since: Fri Nov 11, 2005, 09:42 PM
Number of posts: 53,521

Journal Archives

I am noticing a lot of full-blown denial over Obama calling torturers "patriots" on DU.

People don't want to admit that the man that they projected all their hopes and dreams for 8 years thinks tortures are patriots, it causes cognitive dissonance, and this causes people to rationalize what he said, claiming that he misspoke, or that he did not actually say what is on record saying, or that "Obama-Haters" are taking what he said out of context. They lash out at people who question their rationalizations, accusing others of "using Republican Talking Points", or of being right-wing trolls with "Obama Derangement Syndrome".

No. Obama called the torturers "patriots", quit trying to deny it.

Really relavent quote from Marx's essay on the 1848 revolution in France I found...

During the June days all classes and parties had united in the party of Order against the proletarian class as the party of anarchy, of socialism, of communism. They had “saved” society from “the enemies of society.” They had given out the watchwords of the old society, “property, family, religion, order,” to their army as passwords and had proclaimed to the counterrevolutionary crusaders: “In this sign thou shalt conquer!” From that moment, as soon as one of the numerous parties which gathered under this sign against the June insurgents seeks to hold the revolutionary battlefield in its own class interest, it goes down before the cry: “property, family, religion, order.” Society is saved just as often as the circle of its rulers contracts, as a more exclusive interest is maintained against a wider one. Every demand of the simplest bourgeois financial reform, of the most ordinary liberalism, of the most formal republicanism, of the most shallow democracy, is simultaneously castigated as an “attempt on society” and stigmatized as “socialism.” And finally the high priests of “religion and order” themselves are driven with kicks from their Pythian tripods, hauled out of their beds in the darkness of night, put in prison vans, thrown into dungeons or sent into exile; their temple is razed to the ground, their mouths are sealed, their pens broken, their law torn to pieces in the name of religion, of property, of the family, of order. Bourgeois fanatics for order are shot down on their balconies by mobs of drunken soldiers, their domestic sanctuaries profaned, their houses bombarded for amusement – in the name of property, of the family, of religion, and of order. Finally, the scum of bourgeois society forms the holy phalanx of order and the hero Crapulinski installs himself in the Tuileries as the “savior of society.”

The bolded part seems really familiar... Oh yeah, the wing-nuts denouncing any tiny reform as "communism".

God Damn This Country.

The fuckers who authorized and ordered the use of TORTURE still walk free. Every American should be ASHAMED.
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