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"...Tommy Thompson, hunted by U.S. marshals..."

But the entire lead paragraph reads;

"Shipwreck salvager Tommy Thompson, hunted by U.S. marshals and labeled a swindler by investors from central Ohio, secretly lived in a secluded Florida mansion for six years, paying the $3,000 monthly rent in cash and keeping utilities in a rental agent’s name so he couldn’t be tracked..."

This the guy who found an old shipwreck with millions of dollars of gold in the 90s.

The local paper's headline caught my name and I could only begin to control my anxiety when I continued to read.

Oh, but if it had been...


In chess;

The object is to capture the king. ANY other piece is expendable as long as this objective is obtained.

With that in mind, some of the greatest games involve sacrificing even the queen. This leads to a forcing mate, if the person on offense is astute to be able to see x amount of moves further than his opponent.

This is also accomplished by knowing how his opponent will react in certain situations and taking advantage of these 'tells.'

I have long recognized President Obama's apparent knowledge and skill at the game. He knew Romney would and could take him down if President Obama used his record on the economy.

Yes, yes, I do know that he has done wonders with getting us out of possibly the end of America's 'Golden Age' and plunging the world into complete devastation, politically and economically. This would lead to worldwide anarchy and the wars that would inevitably follow would lead to a worldwide power vacuum.

Ok, my point is that President Obama's showing last night was a must. He has 2 debates to go. His record with the next 2 debate topics are shining examples of what the, still, undecided voter will remember in the 2-3 weeks prior to election day.

Right now Nate Silver has President Obama's chances of winning the election at 86.1%. Intrade's percentage also dropped from a little over 70% to 66.1% this morning. I believe the other 'betting' sites also gave Romney the same small percentage gain.

Nate's article posted this morning concerning last night's debate gives Romney a 'field goal.' Nate says it will take a week to see if Romney will get any or how much of a bounce because of this.

President Obama can flub the next 2 debates. That would be terrible, bordering on catastrophic.

BUT, President Obama has proven himself time and time again he does not break under pressure. Don't forget this, and I regret I can't find that picture that came out 4 years ago;

Don't worry, I've got this!


"Ohio high court: Police get leeway to question juveniles."

"However, a divided Ohio Supreme Court ruled yesterday that juvenile criminal suspects are not entitled under state law to be represented by an attorney while being interrogated by officers."

"Justice Terrence O’Donnell, who wrote the court’s 4-3 opinion, emphasized that while criminal defendants have a federal constitutional right to legal counsel, state law does not separately grant that right to juveniles."

Of course this will be appealed to SCOTUS.

Do you think this will be a chance the Robert's Court will have to strike down that 'nasty and pesky' Miranda decision?
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