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" Dad could face charges after toddler finds gun, shoots him."


"A 24-year-old Marion man whose toddler accidentally shot him this weekend could face charges of endangering his children, police said today."

"Call was shot around 3 p.m. on Sunday when his son, who is almost 3, found the gun while Call slept on the couch. Police said the only other person in the house at the time was Call’s 5-year-old daughter. No one else was hurt."

"Call would be the second central Ohio father charged this year in a gun-related incident. In May, a 3-year-old Knox County boy found his dad’s gun and shot himself in his head. In that case, the toddler, Lucas Heagren, died. His father, Joshua Heagren, 25, has been charged with endangering a child, a third-degree felony, and with a misdemeanor count of negligent homicide."

Then, the ubiguitiuos;

...central Ohio chapter of the Buckeye Firearms Association says, "“The anti-gun people will always try to put the blame as a whole on everybody,” Walker said. “ But that would be like blaming all the people who drive vehicles for the actions of one drunk driver.”"

Now this is wrong!!!!!!!!!! The toddler was just following the NRA's mantra of, "Everyone needs to be carrying.'

Imagine if a burglar tried to enter while the dad was asleep. The kid could have shot him/her. Or the neighborhood bully had tried to pick a fight and the toddler had felt threatened, "George Zimmernan, George Zimmerman,' especially if the bully HAPPENED to be ethnic.

Come on NRA, get your lawyers involved in this. This is why I support the NRA, am a member AND I VOTE!!!!!!!!

Update on the Michele and rodeo 'mishap.'

"Three board members (of the rodeo) told The Tribune the announcer was Ed Kutz of Arroyo Grande, but that fact has yet to be officially confirmed. Barrett called Kutz asking him to publicly apologize, but has yet to get a hold of him."


"Hayhurst has performed at the event for several years, but is an independent contractor and not officially affiliated with the rodeo, said Creston Classic Rodeo board member Mike Barrett. Speaking on behalf of the rodeo’s nine-member board, Barrett said that the board is not responsible for the joke and will ask Hayhurst for a letter addressing the issue and a public apology. The board will discuss at its next meeting if it will fire Hayhurst, and will review scripts for future performances by any clown. “We probably won’t be using his services in the future,” Barrett said of the clown."

So did this guy run for the Republican nomination also and we just missed him?
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