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Gender: Male
Hometown: Columbus OH, sort of...
Member since: Sun Nov 13, 2005, 11:17 AM
Number of posts: 5,214

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I just posted to an OP that is buried by now;


Study links virus to sea star wasting

I had just read an article from Raw Story and had a lot of additional info and not sure if I can start this OP or have it locked by the powers that be and since I don't know how to make sure I'm posting anyway and consequences be damned /s

Bernie Sanders is NOT a Democrat.

Does this fact mean that according to DU rules I can not advocate for him on this forum;

" In Democratic primaries, members may support whomever they choose. But when general election season begins, DU members must support Democratic nominees (EXCEPT in rare cases where were a non-Democrat is most likely to defeat the conservative alternative, or where there is no possibility of splitting the liberal vote and inadvertently throwing the election to the conservative alternative). For presidential contests, election season begins when both major-party nominees become clear."

So if it comes down to Bernie and Hilary in a primary race, am I allowed to push for Bernie because of his non-Democratic standing.

The rules are somewhat ambiguous on this point and with the recent news coming from and about him I just want to make sure this possibility has been thought out already.


If I had not been preparing for tonight's disaster for a few months;

I would be almost as depressed as election night 2004, and that lasted for months.

Shit nuggets!
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