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Insurance will not cover woman who lost house, grandson in arson fire

BTW, that company is Auto-Owners Insurance, which is based in Lansing, Mich.


Ok, the facts;

"A provision in most homeowner policies denies payouts when a fire or damage is intentionally caused by a relative living in the home."


"Christopher Glass, 34, had been living with his grandmother in the two-story house on Olney Avenue in Marion since he was a teenager. Battling mental illness and depression, Glass set the fire, investigators think. He then went to his room and shot himself in the head." The intent of the policy language is to prevent fraud and collusion between the policy owner and others who could benefit financially, said John Lindauer, spokesman for Moore’s insurer, Auto-Owners Insurance, based in Lansing, Mich."

"Lindauer said fairness and emotion can’t be factors when considering claims. “I feel for her, I really do,” he said. “She has religiously made sure her insurance was kept updated. Her daughter dies. Her world is falling apart in front of her. And she thought, ‘Well, at least I have something.’"


"But, Lindauer added: “If we changed it so there was a fairness act .... then your premium and everyone else’s premiums would have to be adjusted to account for these things.”"

The article goes on to say the Ohio Insurance Institute's stance is that it's a crying shame but...

The spokesman for Auto-Owners Insurance adds while he is sympathetic, "...really is nothing we can do".

I wonder if social media might change his absolute.
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