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Gender: Male
Current location: Madison, WI
Member since: Fri Dec 30, 2005, 12:30 AM
Number of posts: 743

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"Berkeley and Madison, two pinnacles of evolutionary progress."

Words just spoken by Bill Walton, famed Boston Celtic, in the pre-game commentary to the Wisconsin Badger / Cal Golden Bears (Berkeley) basketball game. He went on to praise WI as a team where "Everyone does everything and it's not like anyone is a ball hog out there." He seemed to really enjoy this description.

Bill Walton, socialist? Or am I reading too much into college basketball commentary?

GOP Against Release of American POW Because They Are Afraid of What the Enemy Might Do

This should be the message the Democrats hit back with.

Sure, the GOP would like to bring Bergdahl home. They believe in "No soldier left behind." It's just that, well, think of what those five guys that were traded for Bergdahl might do. They could plan some sort of attack or something. They're scary people.

The GOP has to ask, "Is returning an american soldier being held captive really worth that kind of danger?"

Possibly seven years in prison, a life derailed, maybe destroyed.

The punitive nature of our culture is extreme and out of balance. We've become desensitized to the destruction of the lives of those without money and power and fearful of holding to account anyone with money, power or status.
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