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Hometown: Michigan
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Member since: Sat Jan 7, 2006, 06:56 PM
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Per the Washington Post: Senators and Representatives who have accepted NRA donations


If one of yours is listed, get on the phone right now and tell them it is time to talk about Sandy Hook Charleston, San Bernadino, Virginia Tech, Orlando and Las Vegas

The USMC has a bunch of amphibious landing craft. The Navy can transport them anywhere.

We also have the Seabees and the Red Horse teams. They build stuff and they build it in a hurry. I'll take that back. Hurry is their default; needs be and they have it built yesterday. They can do it under combat conditions and in waste lands.

Now Dolt boasts about being CinC. All he has to do is give the order and shit gets done.

OK, now you've done it

Clue burner alert

Memorial Day is not a day for celebration or picnics or sales or "Ain't I special" tweets. It's the one freaking day of the year when we should remember of those millions who placed themselves, as it says in our National Anthem, between their beloved home and war's devastation. Then, paid the ultimate price.

Do you have any idea how most of them paid that price? I doubt it, but here goes: Cut in half by flying debris, burned to a crisp, blown to bits, drowned, smothered, gagging up their melting lungs (mustard gas), bleeding out from an arm or leg torn by a mini ball, their guts spilling out. Damn few of them died from neat bullet hole to the forehead. Some of them so completely destroyed that even their names are lost. That's why it's called The Tomb of the Unknown. Then there's the MIAs (that's missing in action). Oh, a few finally come home, but most are gone forever. Those are some battle causalities. I won't bother you with all the ugly ones caused by disease. Until WWII the disease causality rate was higher than the battle ones.

Now secondary effect: Family and friends - love lost, work undone, dreams unfulfilled, children unborn or left orphans, futures destroyed, questions unanswered, pain that never completely goes away.

So yeah, those of us who experienced the above like having the bone fragments of the guy next to us having his head blown off get embedded in our back or getting a phone call from his sobbing mother that your fiance was killed when his chopper was shot down, excuse us, but we do think Marie Ivanka's tweet is negative. Can't speak for others, but this ole sarge and wife of a combat PTSD victim thinks it's fucking disgusting.

Oh yeah, clue burner for the faux princess: Memorial Day is not a day to thank veterans or active duty personnel. There is another day for that; it's call Veterans Day. It's 11 November, but don't bother. Your 'thanks' is worthless.

Thank you, Donkees. No one deserves it more.

"Day is done. Be at rest."

As a woman who put in 21 years of active duty (May 62 to Oct 83),

I am well aware of the misogyny in the service having been on the receiving end of my fair share. I am also aware that the service has no corner on misogyny. As a former training instructor aka recruit wrangler I also know the service does not create it; it comes in carried by civilians who have been carefully taught. Until society as a whole says enough, there won't be much change in the service.

You're right; Trump is the next step. I said on 10 November I was concerned for servicewomen with that vulgarian as CinC.

Life without any electronic devices

No television (not in our home anyway), radios ran on vacuum tubes, did advance math calculating with a slide rule, time pieces ran on gears. Yes, computers existed, but they had no effect on our lives. Everyone of them in existence had less memory combined than this desk top.

Ah Clueless, the military always marches in the inaugural parades

There are special units that do nothing but ceremonies all over the country, parades, concerts, air shows, etc.

However, seeing you don't know shit from apple butter about the armed forces, I can understand your confusion.
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