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Gender: Do not display
Hometown: Michigan
Current location: New Hampshire
Member since: Sat Jan 7, 2006, 06:56 PM
Number of posts: 28,357

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In memory of all those we've lost ... hand salute.

Rest in light and have the peace denied you in this life. We will let your love ones know we'll never forget you or them.

For those damaged in service to this country, we got your back.

For the rest of us who slung hash, pushed paper, crunch numbers, loaded and unloaded shit, stood guard on a Buff in the middle of a ND winter, looked out on a dark unforgiving ocean, rode a sling seat for 16 hours from home to a hell hole on the other side of the world, waited for that letter, sisters and brothers, on our worst days, we were, are and will be far better human beings than he could ever be. He takes; we gave ... far too often everything.

Fuck him and the golf cart he rode in on.

Tiny correction: de Gaulle served on the Western Front WWI and was a POW.

All three of those men put in their time in hell.

Total US military deaths World War II: 405,399 and that took nearly four years

All those who have supported Trump: Rot in hell. Never forget, never forgive.

Hey Donnie, how many Medals of Freedom (with a V) do you have?

Everyone knows exactly what President Obama thinks of Joe Biden - brother from another mother.

But wait, you wouldn't understand that, would you?


New Hampshire, in case the weather improves, which it won't.

The Old Man of the Mountain comes alive and falls off Cannon Mountain again

"You did one sit-up."

Thanks Peggy. Those were a treat.

I have to do some second hand boasting.

My husband just completed 300 masks. He buys the material (gets a discount from the fabric shop) and a pack of XXX large T-shirts for the lining. He's has it down to 10 in 2 hours.

He takes them to the local medical center, an annex of the local hospital. It has Checkpoint Charlies at every entrance. Anyone who doesn't have one gets one of his. When customers head out, they return them into a container at the checkpoint. They're then washed, autoclaved and back in business.

Just a reminder not all old white guys watch Faux Noose, complain and insult. I am very proud of mine.

Shout it out, Brother.

That last sentence would look good on a T-shirt.

It smells like FUBAR in the morning n/t

Master class snark. Brava.

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