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Member since: Sat Jan 7, 2006, 06:56 PM
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That is a significant statement on the part of CMSAF Wright.

A little back info. He is one of the Senior Enlisted Advisors to the JCS. Each branch has one, including the Nat Guard. They are the ranking enlisted in their particular branch. They report directly to the JCS about all things enlisted and they are listened to. They are the bell weather. Further, they seldom go public -- unless Them What Be In Charge tell them "Got your back. Go for it."

Chief just went on record that Zoomers are not happy, especially the black ones.

"....Trump is losing the military."

He's just forced them to consider ...

"Is that an illegal order and what will I do if it's given?" That one no one wants to think about because if your superior(s) are total looney tunes, things get unpleasant.

Yes, some will go to "Kill 'em all; let God sort them out." I believe many more will ask themselves "Can I kill another American just because s/he stole a TV?" Some may be asking themselves that right now.

Yup. How many of those 'tough' guys will be standing by the end of June.

Died because Moron is a bunker bitch.

I wonder how all the men on the medical front lines feel about being called 'weak'.

You know, doctors, nurses, technicians, paramedic/firefighters, EMTs. physician assistants and so many more.

You, gentlemen, save and protect lives.

Don't let the truly weak cowards get you down. They aren't worth a moment of your time.

Thank you, sheshe2

I can hear Leonard Nimoy saying that.

Americans are

putting their lives on the line caring for the victims of Covid-19

risking their health and perhaps their lives preparing our food, delivering it, selling it

making sure other necessary, vital services are still functioning

setting up and stocking food banks, making masks and other PPEs

checking on neighbors and helping them any way they can

doing their best to get through this bleak time without being dangerous assholes

The military aide who drew the short straw should get hazard's duty pay

"Who did you piss off?"

Sweet Saint Jude on a rocket sled

The tie is a nice touch. He can't manage an umbrella; he'd probably hurt himself attempting a Windsor knot.

Bad enough losing an eye, but for the rest of his life,

he'd have to endure people point him out as the guy who lost that eye by a fragment of flying yeast filled duck.

"Hey, there's Sy! Ask him about the duck."

She's Mother Russia personified. n/t

Yes they are.

They're commissioned upon graduation. Further, completing the academy commits to six years of service. If they don't, for reasons of their own choosing, such as disobeying an order, they have to pay back Uncle for that four years of free college.

It's called dismissal for cause. Equivalent to an other than honorable discharge for enlisted. Doesn't put any gold stars on your resume.

It's certainly a stupid order. It'll be tougher to argue it's an illegal one.
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