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Gender: Do not display
Hometown: Michigan
Current location: New Hampshire
Member since: Sat Jan 7, 2006, 06:56 PM
Number of posts: 28,311

Journal Archives

Then it imploded and fell into the bog. n/t

Or a close shot gun blast to the chest

That should take care of any virus in the lungs

Still miss that good man.

Pun master extraordinaire

Door buzzards.

Shot days were always memorable

We TIs aka No Neck Monsters would take a small paper bag with us because at least one of our Eager Young Space Cadets would hyperventilate when they clapped eyes on the Gun.

You must have missed the five pack hit - five syringes duct taped together.

Thankfully NH's primary has come and gone, so not risk there.

If I'm still slutting around 3 Nov, I will vote and, because I love doing it, I'll be at our polling place, suited up if necessary. So will Hubster.

Courageous women and men have fought, died, marched and stood in lines for hours for this right, obligation and privilege. I can at least show up -- for them and my country. I'll do what I can to clean the swamp Moron and his lackeys have made.

Quoting a good man and a great president, "ENOUGH!"

Well, the best dress up film came from Australia. They have the skills.

We will survive.

Glad you enjoyed it.

The music makes it.

The fridge, "What the hell do you want now!"

Social distancing with rubber duckies

Something to do while in lock down

Other aspect of this I haven't seen mentioned: The combat readiness of the Roosevelt

The responsibility for combat readiness and the welfare of the crew go hand in hand. Whoever fired Crozier just killed the messenger, not the message. If Whoever thinks this takes care of the problem, he'd better think again. Either every commander from a Basic Training Squadron to an Army Corps will keep silence about COVID19 breaking out in their unit which could then become ineffective or they will speak up. Then, Whoever will have a decision to make -- fire them or deal with it.

He'd better deal with it or it will become much worse than just one ship, an important ship, losing its readiness. There is no such thing as social distancing in the armed forces, regardless of branch. As another DU so elegantly put it, it's nuts to butts. The virus could tear through the service like a blow torch through tissue paper.

Of all the mindless, malevolent mistakes Trump and his lackeys have made, trashing canning Captain Crozier is at least in the top five.
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