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Member since: Wed Feb 1, 2006, 12:17 AM
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To right-wing bloviators: How can I miss you if you don't go away?

It's been a long week of stupid, and it has left me wondering why. Why is it that so much media time and attention are spent on the useless and worthless spewings of the hateful and the ignorant?

Why is it that when Ann Coulter spews, she gets days of attention and media coverage? When is the last time she actually contributed anything of meaning to the conversation? The president is a "retard." That is third grade male playground talk. My life is enriched with her contribution to the national discussion.

Donald Trump was back again, this time demanding the president's college records. He is a ill-informed bad joke with a bad toupee. He makes the rounds of talk shows and is interviewed, and each time claims that "many" have questions about Obama's "qualifications" as president. Why are we supposed to care about what he thinks? Perhaps our next roundtable of pundits should be all casino owners, since that apparently qualifies someone to enter the national discussion.

Sarah Pallin, the epitome of brilliance and insight, referred to President Obama as "shucking and jiving." Her 15 minutes of fame were over a LONG time ago, but yet, when she speaks, she gets media coverage.

And then there's Rush Limbaugh. I have never listened to his radio show, and yet I hear about what he has to say almost daily. Yep, he is racist and misogynistic, but he gets the spotlight. He really does fit the description "drug-addled gas bag." Nice to know he has lots of influence.

John Sununu is a little different. He actually speaks for the Romney campaign, so technically he should be covered. Unfortunately, when he does speak, he says racially offensive things, like Colin Powell supports President Obama because Obama is black. Gee, that must mean that Donald, Ann, Sarah, and Rush support Mitt because he's white. Oh, wait ...

MSM sets the narrative of the news cycle. Instead of focusing on things that matter, they focus on gathering these tidbits of stupid and mean. These words and viewpoints have an impact. Our public discourse is affected. We think that throwing insults or race-baiting is discussion.

If MSM chose not to cover the words of Ann Coulter or Donald Trump or Sarah Pallin or Rush Limbaugh, we wouldn't miss them.
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