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ladym55's Journal
ladym55's Journal
November 22, 2012

Keep an eye on Husted

I just saw a story on Ed Schultz tonight. Husted wants to change how our Electoral College votes are assigned to presidential candidates. See it wouldn't matter who won the majority of votes in the state, the Electoral votes would be assigned by our very gerrymandered Congressional districts. So in this past election, even though Obama won the majority of votes in the state, Rmoney would have been given 8 of the 12 electoral votes because those districts had Republican majorities.

These guys just won't quit.

November 13, 2012

Ohio Legislature is back in action against women

Two house bills are moving forward. The first, HB 298, could be voted out of the Health Committee Wednesday and calls to defund Planned Parenthood in Ohio. The second, HB 125, is the unconstitutional and notorious "heartbeat bill." The Ohio Senate is looking at moving forward with that.

It's a great time to contact your Ohio rep and senator and let them know what you think.

These non-stop attacks on women and reproductive rights are getting old.

November 4, 2012

A few cranky words about M$M

This election cycle has brought out the very worst in the M$M and got me thinking about the past few election cycles. This election should be a landslide for Obama. He is done so much good over the past four years and with so little help and so much obstruction. And it would be a landslide for Obama if the "journalists" in the M$M did any work at all.

In 2000, the press went NUTS about how "wooden" Al Gore was and made sure we all knew that Gore LIED about the internet. At the same time, they gushed about Dubya's folksy appearance and his supposed every man appeal. Gosh, wouldn't we all want to have a beer with him? In 2012, Romney has been caught in so many lies it makes my head spin, and yet the press is subdued in its response. Instead I hear how Romney looks presidential and how job numbers are hurting the president. The president's supporters aren't "enthusiastic."

In 2004, John Kerry was portrayed as a flip-flopper for changing his mind on the Iraq War. Kerry was also too rich and too out of touch with the common person. In 2012, we have a Republican whose positions change so much they could make a whirligig spin. All is quiet on the M$M front. Billionaire Mitt with off-shore accounts in Switzerland and the Caymans can put on his fake jeans and shirt, and the M$M is quiet. Apparently, when your name is Mitt Romney you don't have to release your complete tax returns. When your name is Mitt Romney you can say horrible things about 47% of the nation's population, and it will a blip on the news cycle.

M$M sets the narrative. They have let Tea Party lies stand unquestioned (Obamacare has taken money out of Medicare), permitted Romney to change positions every 30 seconds or so, and made the entire narrative about the "horse race." ROMNEY'S GAINING!!! The president is losing ground with his base!!!! The entire election was decided by the first debate (the second two don't count cuz the president schooled Romney).

I have turned off NBC, CNN, and NPR. I get my news via Twitter by following some journalists who actually still try to be journalists. But that takes a lot of work. Most voters don't have the time, interest, or energy to do what I do. A free press is necessary to support an informed electorate. Unfortunately, we have corporate hacks unwilling to do their jobs.

November 4, 2012

JK in Ohio

I know there is another post with JK's Tweets from Ohio, but I want to talk about something else. I live in Ohio, and I can't tell you all in this group how THRILLED I am that he is here. Today he was in the SW corner of the state (John BOehner territory), which is so very, very important. The Rethugs dominate in that part of the state. JK's presence will help energize the GOTV efforts in a critical part of the state.

BTW, I'll be canvassing in Akron tomorrow, which is my home.

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