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Member since: Wed Feb 1, 2006, 12:17 AM
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Summit County Progressive Democrats are making their voices heard at the RNC

Grassroots group Summit County Progressive Democrats are hard at work spreading the progressive message to the international media visiting the RNC. The group has planning for months to organize their message and had good success on the very first day of the convention, speaking with outlets from China, UK, and across the US. Their goal? To share all the good things that Democrats stand for and have accomplished and contrast that with the policy train wreck that is the RNC and their standard bearer.

They got good press coverage from the local Akron Beacon Journal:


HRC GROUP: This is about a month old, but a worthwhile read

A friend sent this article out to a whole bunch of us today from Daily Kos. It seems like a good day to post it and share it with you all. When it comes to the Clintons, there is always a SCANDAL and HINTS OF DISHONESTY OR HYPOCRISY. (Things that never, ever, ever happen to Republican candidates ... oh, wait--was that a pig flying by?)

I'm tired of "crooked Hillary" --"She's going to be indicted!" -- "She took money from Wall Street!"

This article addresses so much of the BS that surrounds Hillary. I read it and bookmarked it because I see it as a great resource for dealing with all of the crazy I know I will see while volunteering this fall:


Personally, I would greatly prefer that my tax dollars go to some good use rather than relentless and pointless investigations of jack squat.
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